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1994 International Conference Proceedings (May 1994)

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International Outsourcing: A current Analysis

Benchmarking MBE Practices to Revitalize Minority Sourcing

Managing The Supply Chain: The MRO Distributors' Role In Removing Redundancies

Registration Under ISO 9000: Costs and Benefits

Purchasing - Creating Value, Not Buying It!

Commodity Futures and Options as a Price Risk Management Tool

Taking Quality On The Road

The Future Of Purchasing: A Process Becomes A Department

ISO 9000 vs. TQM: Paradigms in Supplier Management

Purchasing Decision Support System Using Supplier Price Analysis - A Demonstration

Telecommunications Procurement Strategies in The U.S. and Japan

How To Succeed As A Cross-Functional Team

Supplier Performance: Using Customer Surveys To Improve The Process

Practical Negotiation - The Process for Creating and Sharing Value

Logistics Process Reengineering

Countertrade and the Marketing/Purchasing Interface

Purchasing 2000: Building the Infrastructure

Cut Supplier Lead Times By 50% - No Mirrors, No Kidding

Supplier Network Development: Localizing The Kyoryoku Kai In The West

Applying ISO Standards to Improve Purchasing Performance

Ethics Violations: Truth & Consequences

The Small MRO Distributor: An Endangered Species?

Improving Negotiation Skills Through Bargaining Games

ReEngineering For Purchasing Performance

People Strategies/Buying Strategies

Investment Recovery: Partnering For Profits

Interfunctional Coupling: Implications for the Selling Process

Types of Contracts

Shared Commitment To MWBE Development

Using a Purchasing Card as a Process Improvement Tool

Consignment Inventory Program: A First Step to JIT

Beyond Win-Win Negotiations to Partnership Development

Doing More With Less: Proven Strategies For Success

Purchasing Planning For Disaster - Are You Prepared?

Benchmarking and Purchasing

Benchmarking: A Way to Superior Procurement Performance

Handling Conflicts When Purchasers Also Become Sellers

The Effects of Purchasing Strategies on Quality

Contracting for Hazardous Materials Disposal

The Role Of Carriers In Buyer-Supplier Partnerships

Utilizing Purchasing Resources To Control Spiraling Healthcare Costs

The Purchasing Function and Responsibility in the Enterprise of the Future

Professional Purchasing: A Catalyst For "Reinventing Government" (A Case Study)

Strategic Contracts With Software Suppliers

Toward World Class Excellence: The People Side of MRP

Effective Management of Volunteers

Getting the Most from the C.P.M. Examination Diagnostic Practice Exam

21st Century Macro Trends: Impact on Purchasing/Materials

Portfolio Analysis: The Mapping Tool For Developing Commodity Strategies

Why are Women Paid Less? - An Examination of the Pay Gap in Purchasing

Developing Your Cross-Cultural Negotiating Skill

Principled versus Positional Negotiation: Avoiding Compromising Situations

A Framework For Supplier Partnerships In Mexico

What Would A Creative Person Do With My Job?

Selection Of Currency And Hedging Strategy In Global Supply Management

Beyond Buying: Purchasing's Changing Role

How To Maintain Ethical Standards When Starting A Cross-Functional Commodity