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January 2014, Vol. 26, No. 1
for the volunteer leadership


March 2014 Semiannual Dues Billing Time Line

On January 15, 2014, ISM Member Services will send an email to affiliate leadership with instructions on how to pull a current list of Regular members on record with ISM. The ISM Membership Dues Roster must be updated online by February 14, 2014. The rosters will be processed, and invoices will be emailed to the affiliate mail designate, affiliate treasurer and the affiliate executive secretary that ISM has on file.

All communications will be by email and your roster will be available online in a live document. You will have current information to reconcile against, making dues billing updates accurate and timely.

Please carefully update the ISM Membership Dues Roster so the resulting invoice is accurate. Once the invoice is generated, the amount cannot be adjusted.

We appreciate your cooperation.

2014 Time Line for March Semiannual Dues Billing
January 15 ISM Member Services emails instructions to the affiliate leadership. Review your roster and make appropriate additions and deletions.

February 14 All changes/modifications must be completed online.

March 7 ISM emails affiliate leadership the final Semiannual Dues Invoice reflecting the updates you submitted.

Attention Affiliate Leadership

Register Now!

Affiliate Leadership Training Program
May 3-4, 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada

Information about the Affiliate Leadership Training Program will be posted soon. Please visit the ISM Website at and click on Affiliate Support, Affiliate Support, Affiliate Leadership Training Workshops and then 2014 Affiliate Leadership Training Program.

Important Message for Affiliate Officers — ISM Board Requires ISM Branding Across Its Affiliates

The ISM Board recently decided that all affiliates will be required to change their names to the ISM—<Affiliate Name> to help strengthen membership growth through a single brand. The Board strongly believes the visibility and awareness of having the ISM name will help affiliates strengthen effectiveness including recruitment and retention initiatives.

  1. It helps deliver a consistent ISM message clearly, without the aid of expensive advertising on the part of the affiliate.

  2. It helps create business credibility — Credibility is not developed overnight. Founded in 1915, ISM has been around for almost 100 years and is still going strong with continuous innovation, aggressive marketing and delivering promised excellence in its services and products.

  3. It helps motivate the practitioner — When the branding connection is strong (recognizable, unique), it helps motivate members and potential members to purchase ISM products and services from an affiliate they can easily associate themselves with.

How Does This Change Affect Your Affiliate?

If your affiliate already changed its name to ISM-Arizona (for example), there's nothing further you need to do at this time.

If your affiliate is currently known as NAPM—______, PMA of _______ or another name, it will be required to change its name in time for ISM Board approval at its 2015 meeting.

In an effort not to overburden our leadership volunteers, ISM has streamlined and simplified the name change process and now only seven documents need to be submitted.

1.   Please indicate if your affiliate partners with ISM on the following membership programs:
  • Student  □  Yes
  • Academic  □  Yes
  • Lifetime  □  Yes
  • Unemployed  □  Yes
  • Active Duty  □  Yes
  • Affiliate Membership  □  Yes
  • Volume Discount  □  Yes
  • Trial (not required)  □  Yes
2.   Bylaws compliant with ISM Bylaws
3.   Articles of Incorporation (current)
4.   IRS Determination Letter of Not-for-profit Status
5.   Most recent IRS Form 990, 990-EZ or 990-N, including any related forms (if applicable)
6.   Signed ISM Affiliated Association Agreement
7.   Completed application to state requesting affiliate name change

ISM's 2013 Awards Programs — Nomination Deadline Is January 31, 2014

Persons of the Year Awards

The Persons of the Year Awards honor members who go beyond the regular scope of work to make outstanding contributions to ISM and the profession. Nominations can be submitted for any of the following categories:

  • Education/Learning Person of the Year
  • Innovation/Creativity Person of the Year
  • Leadership Person of the Year
  • Marketing/Communicating Person of the Year
  • Volunteer Person of the Year

Affiliate Excellence Awards and Groups and Forums Excellence Awards

The Affiliate Excellence Awards and the Groups and Forums Excellence Awards recognize those affiliates and groups and forums that demonstrate excellence in their professional operations, educational offerings and recruitment, and training and retention efforts, while at the same time communicating the value and prestige of the Institute for Supply Management™ and the supply management profession.

For more information about these programs and to download nomination forms, go to and select Affiliate Support at the top of the ISM Home Page, then Affiliate Support and ISM Awards Program.

Ideas For Membership Recruitment And Retention

Beginning in 2014, this section of NewsLine will provide tools and ideas for recruiting new members and retaining existing members. Be sure to look for this section every month!

To help recruit new members, it is important to promote the benefits of your affiliate as often as possible. ISM Membership developed a full-color flyer just for for affiliates — and it's editable! To access, go to and click on Affiliate Support, Affiliate Support, Membership Recruitment/Retention Tool Kit for Affiliates and then Membership Recruitment Flyer — Join a Powerful Network of Supply Management Professionals.

Please Share Your Ideas in NewsLine!

If you have any tools or ideas that has helped increase or retain your membership, please contact Linda Thomas at This is a great opportunity for your affiliate to be featured in NewsLine.

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