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January 2013, Vol. 25, No. 1
for the volunteer leadership

Upcoming Seminars

Below is the list of ISM seminars for the months of March and April 2013. These seminars qualify for recertification Continuing Education Hours (CEHs). For seminar details, please call the ISM Member Services Department at +1 480-752-6276, option 8, or visit the ISM website at and select Education & Training and then Face-to-Face Seminars.

March 2013
Title    Date    Location
The Supply Chain Management Simulation: Play It to Win  (#4231)    March 4-6, 2013    Las Vegas, NV
Fundamentals of Purchasing: The Building Blocks of World-Class Professionalism  (#4523)    March 6-8, 2013    Las Vegas, NV
Legal Week 2013: Fundamentals Through Advanced Concepts    March 11- 15, 2013    Atlanta, GA
Reducing and Controlling Costs With Cost-Containment Strategies  (#4591)    March 11-12, 2013    Dallas, TX
Legal Foundations of Supply Management (formerly Legal Aspects of Supply Management: The Basics You Need to Succeed)  (#4390)    March 11-13, 2013    Atlanta, GA
Supplier Assessment and Performance Measurement: Ensuring Promised Value  (#4212)    March 13-15, 2013    Chicago, IL
Contracting: What All the Ts and Cs Mean (formerly Contracting Basics: What All the Ts and Cs Mean)  (#4495)    March 14-15, 2013    Atlanta, GA
Resisting Price Increases and Implementing Cost Improvement Initiatives  (#4273)    March 20-22, 2013    Phoenix, AZ
Strategic Services Procurement: Applying Strategic Sourcing Principles to the Procurement of Services  (#4459)    March 21-22, 2013    Atlanta, GA

April 2013
Title    Date    Location
Legal Negotiations  (#4277)    April 11-12, 2013    Atlanta, GA
Fundamentals of Purchasing: The Building Blocks of World-Class Professionalism  (#4524)    April 17-19, 2013    Phoenix, AZ
Category Management: Cost and Leveraging Strategies for Supply Professionals  (#4223)    April 24-26, 2013    Dallas, TX
CPSM® and CSM™ Exam Review Course  (#4250)    April 24-26, 2013    Dallas, TX
Contracting for Purchasing and Supply Management: Beyond the Basics  (#4424)    April 25-26, 2013    Dallas, TX
CPSM® and CSM™ Train-the-Trainer: Review Instructor Courseware Program   (#4300)    April 25-26, 2013    Dallas, TX
How to Develop and Manage a Supplier Diversity Program  (#4321)    April 27, 2013    Dallas, TX

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