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Vol. 24, No. 1
January/February 2013


    Planting Seeds for the Future Members Only Content

    Land O'Lakes' supply chain and operations organization helps produce food and crops to feed an expanding world population.
    Lisa Arnseth

  • Through Cost, Comes Value Members Only Content

    In today's complex market, businesses must understand the true cost of each item in the supply chain, and supply management must create strategies to drive maximum value.
    Greg Courts

  • Integrate SCM Into Your ERM Framework Members Only Content

    As volatility increases and new threats emerge, supply management should seize opportunities for greater involvement in enterprise risk management initiatives.
    John Yuva

  • Supplier Visits — Can You Afford Not to Go? Members Only Content

    Careful planning and execution make supplier visits a valuable tool, even as supply management organizations tighten their belts.
    Linda Michels, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M.

  • Uncertainty Takes an Economic Toll Members Only Content

    Economists expect slow, steady economic growth in 2013 amid worries in the U.S. and around the world.
    Mary Siegfried

    Can Argentina Be a Contender? Members Only Content

    With the strength of its natural resources and educated workforce, Argentina surprises many experts who say it often fails to live up to its potential.
    Mary Siegfried

    Creating a Resilient Supply Web Members Only Content

    Complex Asian supply chains require supply management professionals to design a web of suppliers, manufacturing sites and service networks that are strong, interconnected and risk-averse.
    Mary Siegfried


  • Keep the Momentum Going Members Only Content

    From the Editor
    World events over the last several years have been a springboard for supply management professionals to elevate their prominence in organizations.
    John Yuva, Editor

  • Be Prepared Members Only Content

    Executive Access to the CEO
    Forward-thinking supply chain professionals use data and information to mitigate risk.
    Thomas W. Derry, ISM CEO

  • Let Skills Lead the Way Members Only Content

    Out In Front: Leading People, Leading Organizations
    Strategic leaders need transparency, alignment, partnership and accountability to pave the way for successful change management.
    Jim Adkins

  • Handling a Demand Dilemma Members Only Content

    Tapping Into ... Supply Management Issues and Trends
    When unplanned events cause a supply-demand challenge, supply managers need a risk plan to handle allocation.
    Sugeet Chopra, Christoph Bode, Ph.D. and Stephan M. Wagner, Ph.D.

  • The Impact of Tougher Clean Air Standards Members Only Content

    Sustainability: Responsible Supply Management
    The manufacturing industry fears the new pollution standards released by the EPA could put a damper on economic growth in the United States.
    Lisa Arnseth

  • The Value of Cross-Industry Benchmarking Members Only Content

    CAPS Research: Promoting Supply Management's Best Practices
    You may not compare your company to those in other industries, but your customers and suppliers will — and have done so for a long time.
    CAPS Research

  • Time to Revamp Your Performance Review? Members Only Content

    Personal Connections: Work. Life. Balance.
    Don't settle for a generic, by-the-numbers review process. Instead, focus on how the employee can develop new skills and habits or prepare for a future promotion.
    Troy Harrison


  • Just in Time -- January/February 2013 Members Only Content

    This article is not available online.

  • ISM News -- January/February 2013 Members Only Content

    This article is not available online.

  • Beyond Borders Members Only Content

    International Insights

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