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Vol. 23, No. 9
November/December 2012


    Cars and Effect Members Only Content

    When Symantec brought its European fleet spend under supply management's control, the savings and value resonated throughout the company.
    Lisa Arnseth

  • Outsourcing Finds Its Niche Members Only Content

    As outsourcing matures, it is taking its place as a business practice that supply managers use to improve cost, talent and capabilities.
    Mary Siegfried

  • Make Better Decisions With Cost Modeling Members Only Content

    Cost modeling produces information to help supply managers negotiate, reduce procurement costs and make sound business choices.
    Victor E. Sower, Ph.D., CQE and Christopher H. Sower, MBA, C.P.M.

  • The Growing Concern of Trade Secret Theft Members Only Content

    As evidence mounts that supply chains expose companies to trade secret theft, companies are taking active steps toward reducing vulnerability that can cost millions of dollars.
    Pamela Passman

  • In Search of Talent Members Only Content

    Supply management professionals realize how difficult it is to source talent as they search the globe for skilled employees.
    Nick Little, CPSM, MCIPS

    Legal Sourcing Steps Into the Spotlight Members Only Content

    By collaborating and using sophisticated, coordinated efforts, corporate supply management and in-house legal departments can find the most value in the complex legal category.
    Jason Winmill and Celia Parsons

    Superstorm Sandy Hits Home Members Only Content

    When Superstorm Sandy pummeled the East Coast of the United States in late October, supply chain disruptions were kept to a minimum thanks to risk management and contingency planning.
    Lisa Arnseth


  • Cost and Talent Management Members Only Content

    From the Editor-in-Chief
    Managing costs and talent helps steer a successful organization.
    Terri Tracey, CAE, Editor-in-Chief

  • The Value of Reflection Members Only Content

    Executive Access to the Chair
    Taking time to reflect on the past can provide supply management professionals with lessons to build a better future.
    Sidney Johnson, CPSM

  • Pay It Forward Members Only Content

    Out In Front: Leading People, Leading Organizations
    Mentoring helps guide young professionals as seasoned supply managers share their knowledge and experiences.
    Regina O. Edwards, J.D.

  • Get a Leg Up in Negotiating Members Only Content

    Tapping Into ... Supply Management Issues and Trends
    Complex software licensing agreements require supply management professionals to rely on their best negotiating skills. Five basic guidelines can help them obtain the best contract for their companies.
    Scott D. Rosenberg and Harold Halpern

  • Brewing a Better Future Members Only Content

    Sustainability: Responsible Supply Management
    Supply management is a vital ingredient in Heineken's strategy to reduce energy consumption, add renewables to its energy mix and cut back on water consumption.
    Mark Gross

  • Social Media Use Lags Members Only Content

    CAPS Research: Promoting Supply Management's Best Practices
    Social media's exposure and use in organizations continues to grow; however, it's only beginning to have a presence in supply management.
    CAPS Research

  • Creative Employee Engagement Members Only Content

    Personal Connections: Work. Life. Balance.
    Inexpensive, creative benefits and perks can boost morale and build a strong culture of employee engagement, helping leaders motivate staff in a competitive supply management talent market.
    Kyle Lagunas


  • Just in Time -- November/December 2012

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  • ISM News -- November/December 2012

    This article is not available online.

  • Beyond Borders Members Only Content

    International Insights

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