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Table of Contents

Vol. 22, No. 7
September 2011


  • Market Intelligence Matters Members Only Content

    Gathering and analyzing market intelligence can help supply management better manage its supply chain — and get it noticed throughout the company.
    Joseph Mullan

  • Find Facilities Management Efficiencies Members Only Content

    A variety of indirect services provide prime opportunities for supply management to find savings and improve quality.
    Lisa Arnseth

    Share and Share Alike Members Only Content

    While innovation can come from a variety of sources, suppliers are partners that need to be involved in the innovative process.
    John Yuva

    Creating an Innovation Culture Members Only Content

    Innovation requires top management commitment and a willingness to accept failure along with success.
    Mary Siegfried

    Embed Supplier Resources for Maximum Results Members Only Content

    Find optimal value by bringing supplier resources in-house as part of your supply management group — but the process will require unique considerations for success.
    Lisa Smith, CPSM


  • The Value of Market Intelligence Members Only Content

    From the Editor-in-Chief
    Employing market intelligence is becoming more common in supply management, and can help you manage uncertainty and volatility.
    Terri Tracey, CAE, Editor-in-Chief

  • Wanted: Great Attitudes Members Only Content

    Executive Access to the Board
    Employ a great attitude to assist in dealing with your everyday challenges in supply management.
    Joseph C. Black

  • Supplier Diversity Leadership Members Only Content

    Out In Front: Leading People, Leading Organizations
    Finding the right person to lead your supplier diversity efforts is critical to long-term supply management — and organizational — success.
    DeLynne Ano

  • How to Succeed at Succession Members Only Content

    Tapping Into ... Supply Management Issues and Trends
    Smart companies recognize the need to keep the talent pipeline flowing.
    Robert Fulmer and Jared Bleak

  • Green Is Well Within Reach Members Only Content

    Sustainability: Responsible Supply Management
    When harvesting the financial benefits of going green, it can pay to look for any remaining low-hanging fruit.
    Wendy L. Tate, Ph.D. and Lisa M. Ellram, Ph.D.

  • Spotting Talent Before You Need It Members Only Content

    Personal Connections: Work. Life. Balance.
    Strong managers are always on the lookout for top talent, and then keeping that talent in mind for future openings and positions.
    Troy Harrison


  • Just in Time -- September 2011

    This article is not available online.

  • Managing U.S. Patent Applications Members Only Content

    CAPS Research: Promoting Supply Management's Best Practices
    A new survey from CAPS Research examines how companies prepare and process their patent applications.
    Geoff Zwemke

  • ISM News -- September 2011

    This article is not available online.

  • Beyond Borders Members Only Content

    International Insights
    Lisa Wolters-Broder

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