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Table of Contents

Vol. 18, No. 11
November 2007


    A Hands-on Approach to Social Responsibility Members Only Content

    Today, supply executives are taking the lead in implementing effective practices around the world.
    Lisa Cooling

  • Make Mergers Work For You Members Only Content

    An acquisition presents an ideal opportunity to formally assess performance, and develop a plan to take the supply management function to the next level.
    Robert Tevelson

  • Cultivate Supplier Relationships Members Only Content

    In today's competitive environment, developing strategic alliances with key partners is more important than ever.
    Robert J. Engel


  • A Millennial Surprise Members Only Content

    Editor's Page: Supply Management Buzz
    Today's newest generation of employees hitting the marketplace may be more socially oriented than many people thought.
    Michael Schwanz

  • A Promising Talent Pipeline Members Only Content

    Executive Access To The Chair
    Today's teenagers entering college possess surprising maturity, and their attitude and dedication will help them become excellent employees one day.
    Lisa Martin, C.P.M.

  • Perspectives On Leadership Members Only Content

    Out In Front: Leading People, Leading Organizations
    In the 21st century, the skills needed by executives to run large organizations are quite different from those considered ideal even a generation ago.
    Andrea Charman

  • Boost Your Cash Flow Members Only Content

    Tapping Into ... Financial Supply Chain — Merging Business Models
    By sharing logistical data with the financial arm of the supply chain, organizations can cut costs and achieve greater efficiencies in the movement of physical goods.
    Robert J. "Bob" Bernabucci

  • Data's End Game: Risk Prevention Members Only Content

    Tech-Know: Tech Issues for the Decisionmaking Supply Manager
    Breach prevention is a necessary prescription for organizations seeking to eliminate old data and keep it from falling into the wrong hands.
    Robert Houghton

  • Letters Of Intent That Work Members Only Content

    Legal Briefs: Supply Management's Legal Issues
    Developing one of these documents can be boiled down to one basic rule: Simply let your "yes" mean "yes," and your "no" mean "no."
    Allen L. Anderson

  • An Invitation Too Good To Turn Down Members Only Content

    Ex Propriis: Contemplation And Thoughts — (Translated from Latin) "Of One's Own Resources"
    Hitching a ride on your supplier's jet to their all-expenses-paid conference sounds glamorous, but what might this rock-star treatment really "cost" you, ethically speaking?
    Ernest G. Gabbard, C.P.M.


  • A New Study On E-Procurement Members Only Content

    CAPS Research: Promoting Supply Management's Best Practices
    It's a given that electronic business tools and technologies continue to evolve as the supply management function itself becomes more sophisticated.
    D. Steven Wade

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