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Vol. 18, No. 9
September 2007


  • Protect Data Bit By Bit Members Only Content

    Threats to corporate databases can come from a number of external or internal sources, and such security breaches can do long-term harm to your supply chain operations.
    John Yuva

  • Soft Skills For Global Managers Members Only Content

    If you supervise people in other countries, your ability to communicate and to adapt to the native culture will be the keys to your success.
    Heather R. Keller, Ph.D.

    A Standout Training Operation Members Only Content

    Supply Management Professional Profile
    International Paper’s sourcing organization features an innovative training program that exposes new management associates to many key roles within that group.
    Mary Siegfried


  • Avoid The "Red Zone" Members Only Content

    Editor's Page: Supply Management Buzz
    Getting to this position is great if you are the quarterback of a football team, but for a high-level executive, it could damage your career.
    Michael Schwanz

  • Take On Transformation Members Only Content

    Executive Access To The CEO
    Being a leader of change management does have its risks, but those who successfully do it will be more in demand than ever, and will reap the rewards.
    Paul Novak, C.P.M., A.P.P.

  • Global Sourcing Consultants Members Only Content

    Out In Front: Leading People, Leading Organizations
    As you expand your operations internationally, it may be prudent to hire a third-party expert to achieve maximum efficiency.
    Ben Graham

  • The Collaborative Journey Members Only Content

    Tapping Into ... Supplier Relationships — Management
    Walking up and down your supply chain to get a hands-on understanding of how it works will add sustainable value to all supplier relationships.
    Ronald D. Schnur

  • Trace An Outbreak's Source Members Only Content

    Tech-Know: Tech Issues for the Decisionmaking Supply Manager
    For the food and beverage industry, software is needed to quickly track down the origin of a problem in the supply chain.
    Nick Bova

  • Supplier Indemnity Agreements Members Only Content

    Legal Briefs: Supply Management's Legal Issues
    Work with reputable and financially sound suppliers to avoid intellectual property infringement through indemnity clauses tailored for your needs.
    Jeffrey G. Sheldon

  • Supplier Diversity Goes Global Members Only Content

    Ex Propriis: Contemplation And Thoughts — (Translated from Latin) "Of One's Own Resources"
    The key to cultivating diverse or minority suppliers on a worldwide scale may lie in your ability to define "diversity" and communicate its meaning and value across cultures.
    Craig Brown


  • The Market Basket Approach Members Only Content

    CAPS Research: Promoting Supply Management's Best Practices
    When it comes to MRO pricing, this method can be an effective way to ensure you are not paying more for products than your competitor.
    D. Steven Wade

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