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ISM Professional Series, Volume 1 - Foundation of Supply Management, eBook, Tablet

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Product Description

As one of the core study items for the CPSM® Exams, the ISM Professional Series e-book, Volume 1 — Foundation of Supply Management, is one of the most critical materials to use during your CPSM® Exam preparation. The ISM Professional Series focuses on challenges, goals and integrated skill sets needed to be successful in strategic supply management. It goes deeper into explanations of the topics covered in CPSM® Exam 1. This is one of three volumes, with one volume available to purchase for each of the three exams (E-book version is only sold individually. Print version is available individually or as a set.). The series draws from all industries and levels, formulating a macro view of the profession.

This volume looks at more traditional areas of supply management from a leading-edge perspective. It covers data analysis, budgeting, cost management, including cost-price and total cost of ownership analysis, and leasing arrangements. This book provides an in-depth view of sourcing, negotiating and contracting with suppliers. Taken as a whole, these chapters provide an excellent perspective on the process steps associated with strategic sourcing. The book also focuses on three of the overarching concerns of supply management; supplier relationship management, social and legal responsibility and international issues, including global sourcing, logistics and exchange rate and countertrade issues. This book is a critical read for those relatively new to supply management, those who have not had a formal education in supply management and anyone who wants to stay abreast of the latest practices in supply management.

As one of the top referenced books by the CPSM® and CPSM® Bridge Exam Diagnostic Practice Exams,, the ISM Professional Series also works in conjunction with the CPSM® Study Guide to help focus your study and be more efficient. The ISM Professional Series is an essential resource for every supply chain professional.

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