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E3 Newsletter - May/June 2017

Table of Contents


Vol. 5, No. 3

May/June 2017




Managing Conflict Effectively in Negotiations

When negotiations fail, it is easy to blame the economics of the deal — that is, there was not enough common economic ground to support a zone of possible agreement (ZOPA). This is by far the most frequent excuse. However, research from McKinsey & Company confirms what the most seasoned practitioners postulate: that “process” and “people” problems account for most failed deals.

By: Milan Prilepok


3 Reasons to Engage in Reverse Auctions

Reverse auctions are integral to an organization’s sales department: To sell products and services domestically and globally in today’s increasingly competitive B2B, B2C and B2G markets, a company’s sales efforts must include engaging in reverse auctions. But reverse auctions offer other opportunities.

By: David Wyld


Promote Yourself for a Promotion

If you are anything like me, you don’t relish reporting to a boss. You want to be the boss. You want to be a leader, managing and inspiring others. You want to be instrumental in making decisions that will affect your company’s bottom line. If you are having similar dreams, it’s time to wake up, brush your teeth, wash your face and work toward a promotion so you can start moving up the corporate ladder.

By: Sarah Scudder


Web Poll: May/June 2017

Our latest poll question is, “How long have you been in supply management, and do you plan to stay?” Take the poll by clicking here.


Web Poll Results: March/April

In last issue’s E3 poll, we asked about the role of a GPO in your procurement organization. Here are the results and some comments from readers.


CPSM® Questions

In every edition, E3 offers three sample questions — and answers — from the CPSM® Diagnostic Practice Exam to help you work toward achieving CPSM® certification.

First, answer all three questions; then, scroll down to the “3 Answers” section to find out how you fared.