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E3 Newsletter - March/April 2017

Table of Contents

Vol. 5, No. 2
March/April 2017



Why Early Engagement is Essential

Since their emergence in the late 1980s, MRP or ERP systems have been key components of the overall strategy to optimize supply chains and cut costs. As a business process owner, ask: What does your company need? And how involved should you be in plugging any of these tools into place? 
By: John Becker

GPOs Are a Good Way to Go

For most organizations, using a group purchasing organization (GPO) can be a strategic way to drive more value through collaborating beyond corporate boundaries. Here are five reasons GPOs should be part of every procurement leader’s sourcing strategy toolbox. 
By: Rosanna Yang

Becoming Indispensable

Being indispensable is essential to advancing your career. Supply management is about much more than pushing paper, marking up contracts and getting a lower price. Supply management requires thinking strategically, adding value and coming up with new ideas.
By: Sarah Scudder


Web Poll: March/April 2017 
Our latest poll question is, "What role do GPOs play in your organization?" Take the poll by clicking here.  


Web Poll Results: January/February

In last issue's E3 poll, we asked the question: "What are the most attractive attributes of prospective companies?" Here are the results and some comments from readers. 

CPSM Questions

In every edition, E3 offers three sample questions — and answers — from the CPSM® Diagnostic Practice Exam to help you work toward achieving CPSM® certification. First, answer all three questions; then, scroll down to the "3 Answers" section to find out how you fared.