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CAPS Research

Since 1986, CAPS Research has been providing thorough, practical research for our strategic-minded corporate members and forward looking insights for the academic community as the leading non-profit supply chain research organization. Our careful and credible research methods, reputation for unrelenting accuracy, and mission to deliver that research without bias set us apart from other supply research organizations.


Outperformance isn’t an accident, and it can’t be achieved without knowing where you stand among your peers and best-practice companies.  Our industry benchmarking program provides members with actionable KPIs needed today to evaluate and improve supply management practices, processes and performance. Our benchmarking reports show how you measure up compared to peer companies in your industry and across industries so you can validate ideas, win support for new initiatives, and shore up any inefficiencies.


Research Reports

While it’s easy to grasp the value of quick insights gained from practical benchmarking reports, we often fail to see the far-reaching benefit of research focused on the big-picture. Stay ahead of the pack and get proactive with an in-depth look at the strategic issues shaping the profession today.  The reports focus on top-of-mind issues facing supply management and that are generated by real CPOs from world-class global corporations.  Our subject matter experts recruited from universities around the globe synthesize qualitative interviews with supply executives from a variety of companies and industries in order to create substantive reports that include executive summaries, forward-looking observations, case studies, and recommendations for implementation.


Events & Networking

Learning from first-hand experiences of your peers is one of the fastest ways to improve your own processes and practices.  At CAPS Research CPOs and their teams attend networking events to share compelling presentations while discussing emerging strategies and best practices with one another.  We maintain a vendor-free, consultant-free environment so senior and emerging supply executives from global corporations can have candid conversations and the rare opportunity to get practical face-to-face advice.


Free Access to Benchmarking and Research Reports

Access 1,100+ benchmarking reports, research publications, event presentations and other insider resources.  Member companies have full access to download all documents...just create a free account.  All others can create a free account to browse and access selected resources.


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