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Requirements for Membership

Any person interested in the supply management field shall be eligible to be a Direct Member or Regular Member of an Affiliated Association provided that such person does not solicit business on behalf of such person or his or her employer during meetings of any ISM activity, including without limitation, meetings of Affiliated Associations (including chapters) ISM Committees and ISM groups and forums (as defined in Policy).

In principle and in practice, the Institute values and seeks a diverse membership, volunteer leadership, and staff. There are no barriers to full participation in the Institute on the basis of ethnic background, gender, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.

The Institute values the efforts, knowledge and commitment of all volunteers and staff, and structures the volunteer system to maintain continuity by encouraging participation in integrated activities to enhance value-added activities and optimize productivity.

Categories of Membership

Option 1:  Professional Plus membership includes ISM membership and membership in an Affiliated Associations. You receive the full value of membership.

Option 2:  Professional Membership includes membership with ISM only. Membership with an affiliate, local networking opportunities, and other affiliate benefits are not included.

Full-time students and academics, can choose either Professional Plus or Professional membership:

Student Members
Student Members are nonvoting, dues-free members of ISM and are considered as a separate membership class for reporting purposes. A Student Member is defined as an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled full-time in an accredited community college or four-year college or university. Student Members may belong to an affiliated association or they may be an ISM Direct Member. A Student membership will expire each year on August 31 or will terminate on completion of studies or withdrawal from school. Student Members will be retained in the ISM database if the affiliated association or the student indicates to ISM that he/she meets the eligibility criteria and wishes to remain in the database.

Academic Members
Academic Members are defined as persons with a full-time appointment as a teacher, research specialist, department head, director or dean of a college, university or other academic institution whose academic responsibility includes supply management or other related fields or subjects. Academic Members are dues-free. An individual may belong to an affiliated association or may be an ISM Direct Member. Academic Members have voting privileges.

Option 3:  The ISM Corporate Program features a wealth of benefits to help your supply management team and company maximize their effectiveness and succeed on a global scale. The program provides unique leadership and skills enhancement opportunities, creating an environment in which your supply chain professionals can be more effective. It includes support for your supply professionals, insights into the business environment and Direct Membership in ISM for your entire supply management staff, including wholly owned subsidiaries globally, for one annual fee. For additional information on the ISM Corporate Program, email Cami Amadore or call +1 480-752-6276, extension 3089.

For more information on membership, please email ISM Member Service, call +1 480-752-6276, option 8.

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