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ISM Educator's Case Website

The ISM Educator's Case Website contains cases and other documents for use by professors and instructors in purchasing, supply, logistics, supply chain and related fields. The cases were compiled by ISM from a variety of sources and are provided here for use by the educator community at large. There are approximately 200 cases on the site.

The cases are available for downloading and use in classrooms for non-commercial purposes only. The site is password protected. To access and download these cases, you must first register as an educator. To register:

  1. Send a request to either or
  2. Include your e-mail address and your preferred password.
  3. Include some background information about you that indicates where and what you teach.

We will notify you when you gain access to this valuable teaching tool.

Academics and NISCI Team Up to Create a "Model" of Supply Chain Management Education

This paper is the result of a meeting between a group of business people/practitioners who are members of The National Initiative for Supply Chain Integration (NISCI) and a group of academics who are interested/participate in supply chain education at the University level. The meeting took place in July of 2000, with the aim of developing at least a preliminary "model" of the major issues and topics that should be included in supply chain education at the Bachelor's and Master's degree levels.

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