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Important Copyright Information

Many educators are interested in reprinting ISM articles and resources for distribution to their students. This document outlines the steps needed to receive the necessary approval to do so.

Reprint/copy permissions are handled individually for each article requested. When there is an article you wish to reprint/copy, please address your request to:

John Yuva
Director of Publications
309 W. Elliot Rd., Suite 113
Tempe, AZ 85284

Phone: 480-752-6276, extension 3021
Fax: 480.752.7890

Please include the following information for each article that you wish to reprint/copy:

  • Title of Publication
  • Title of Article
  • Date of Publication
  • Where the article will be reprinted
  • What the article will be used for after reprint

Use of ISM logo and/or use of any information for incorporation into websites are also handled on an individual basis.

Thank you for your interest in the publications of the Institute for Supply Management®.

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