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Leading and Managing Supply Relationships

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Manage this critical link in your supply chain and take procurement to the next level. Learn about strategy, performance, evaluation and standards. Find out how to coach suppliers and leverage relationships for mutually successful results. This seminar provides you with tools and skills for use in supplier selection, management and performance improvement.

Be Sure to Bring Your Calculator

Who Should Attend

Experienced supply management professionals who want to optimize their supplier alliance development and management processes.

You Will Learn...
  • How to take "buying" to the next level; managing for what you need
  • 13 important guides to self assessment
  • Seven strategies for “streamlining” the internal transaction process
  • 10 ways to influence supply management’s influence in a firm
  • The new fundamentals of evaluating a supplier for relationship "fit," quality, capability and other attributes of performance
  • How to develop and use the tools and analytical skills necessary to conduct current supplier evaluation, reselection and certification
  • To apply fundamental financial analysis tools in your supplier selection and evaluation process
  • How to create performance systems that focus on value performance by suppliers
  • Four key characteristics of an effective supply management function
  • Management and coaching techniques that sustain and build supplier capability and dependability
You Will Earn...

14 continuing education hours

Course Outline
  1. Evolving beyond transactional management to develop a strategic supply fulfillment approach; Understanding your business objectives; "Self" evaluating to assess internal needs for better supplier selection; Use of commodity management in supply base analysis; Diversity (M/WBE supplier relations) supply base considerations
  2. Integrating the new fundamentals of assessing a supplier for value and pertinence, supplier quality, capability and other attributes of performance; Establishing a supply performance road map; The basics of supplier quality; Organizational dynamics affecting supplier quality; ISO and other quality standards; Supplier certification criteria; Small-business certification; Certifying service providers
  3. Develop and use the tools and analytical skills necessary to conduct current supplier evaluation, reselection and certification; Establishing the proper criteria and objectives; Elements of supplier evaluation; Supplier surveys and questionnaires; Establishing meaningful supplier criteria
  4. Employ financial analysis, cost modeling and target costing to assess suppliers and reveal opportunity
  5. Create performance systems that focus on value performance by suppliers; Linking customer satisfaction to the supplier; Supplier performance objectives; Tools and techniques to monitor supplier quality and performance
  6. Coaching suppliers; Management techniques that sustain and build supplier capability and dependability; Cross-functional teams; Operational metrics and measurements; What and why to measure; Examples of measurement systems; Measuring service providers; Small-business measurement systems
  7. Key supplier management skills; How to be a good customer; Determining, defining, and communicating requirements; Managing ongoing relationships; Supply base rationalization and optimization

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