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Presentation Materials for the ISM2016 Annual Supply Management Conference

ISM2016 Annual Supply Management Conference
May 15-18, 2016
Indianapolis, IN


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SUNDAY, May 15, 2016                               Back to Top

ZA — Navigating and Networking ISM2016
Tammy Matthews

AA — Supplier Diversity from the CPO Perspective
Gerald Hodson
Jeannie Maddox
Arnold Sowa
Gun Shim

AB — CAPS Research Futures Survey: The New Supply Chain Management
Thomas Choi, Ph.D.
Thomas Kull, Ph.D.

AC — Steel Prices: After Sellers Capitulated on Prices in 2015, How Much Recovery Will Be Seen This Year or in 2017?
John Anton

AD — How Supply Chain Managers Can Become Effective Leaders and Gain a Seat at the Decision-Making Table
Milton Whitfield

AE — What Does It Mean to be Strategic? Panel session - no presentation available
Joe Sandor
R. David Nelson
Shelley Stewart, Jr.
Craig Reed
Hans Melotte
Beverly Gaskin

AF — Key Benchmarks and Metrics from CAPS Research: Drive Improvement and Demonstrate Value
Deborah K. Stanton
Geoff Zwemke

AG — Learn to Negotiate with T&E Suppliers Panel session - no presentation available
Roger Hale
Jeff Bowman
Andrew Menkes

AH — Taking Your Procurement Performance to the Next Level with Analytics
Anshu Prasad

ISM-16-Direct Signature Session: The Importance of Direct Materials from a C-Level Perspective Panel session - no presentation available
Jeffrey Wincel
Steven Miller
William Kornegay
David Stokoe

ISM-16-Do Signature Session: How to Become a DOER Panel session - no presentation available
Carrie Ericson
Marc Hochman
Jim Sheehy
Elizabeth O’Farrell
Rick Hughes

ISM-16-Risk Signature Session: Supply Risk Management, Compliance, & Cyber Security
Brian Bender
John Taylor

ISM-16-Tools The Role of Supply Chain in Value Creation for Consumers and Customers
Sean Maroney


MONDAY, May 16, 2016                               Back to Top

BA — How DO Managers Become Leaders? (Experienced Managers Helping First Time Managers) Panel session - no presentation available
Alpar Kamber
Miriam Limbach
Vytas Slesoraitis
Jennifer Cicinelli
Krystelle Bilodeau

BB — Technology Industry Group: Changing the Narrative Panel session - no presentation available
Mark Artigues
Minea Moore
William Irizarry
Nino Campos

BC —The Chicken or the Egg? Neither. How Holistic Thinking Can Reveal “Hidden” Cost Savings, Sustainability and Growth Opportunities
Brian Wagner

BD — You Are Here: Ethics for Each Link in the Supply Chain Panel session - no presentation available
Helen Eckmann
Karen Fedele
Louis Ferretti
Joe Stephens

BE — Supply Chain Sustainability – Take-Home Tools for the Beginner, Intermediate and Leader Organization
Robert Kuhn
William Hall
John Yuva

BF — Leveraging Second-Tier Spend from Suppliers That Add Value to the Supply Chain
Jana Browning
Pauline Gebon
Jeannie Maddox

BG — The Future of Risk Management
Mickey North Rizza

BH — Installing a Mindset of Value Instead of Cost
Steve Hoffman

CA — Creating a Culture of Doers in Procurement: Five Tips for Ensuring Key Initiatives Reach The Finish Line
Chris Sawchuk

CB — What Has Procurement Software Ever Done For Us? – Using Technology to Help Build a Better Enterprise
Paul Blake
Falgun Patel

CC — Strategic vs. Tactical Purchasing Excellence
Scott Parkinson

CD — Fast Track Your Career with an ISM Certification
Jerri Kapelka
Rainey Alben

CE — How Flex Created an Intelligent Supply Chain Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available
Frankie Mossman
Araceli Beltran

CF — Finding ROSA (Return on Supplier Assets) – Valuing and Managing Suppliers Strategically
Richard Waugh
Garry Christie

CG —The Talent Management Race to Excellence – A Practitioners Guide to Building and Sustaining a High-Performing Team
Jerry Miller
Michael Perry

CH —Procurement Value Beyond Price
Miguel Gonzalez
Balika Sonthalia

DA — Data Power – Desktop Tools to Accelerate Value
Aaron Oyler
Conrad Smith

DB —Insourcing & Outsourcing: Understanding Your Organization’s Core Competencies
Lorna Pruitt

DC — Hidden Gems – Finding Lost Profits and Inefficiencies in Your Supply Chain Data
Karl Andersson

DD — Marketing and Sales Procurement: Science, Magic and Various Shades of Gray in Between
Brett Colbert

DE — Start Your Engines: An Overview of Cummins’ Procurement Tools  Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available
Rob Neitzke
David Fink

DF —Taking Procurement from Good to Great – Turbocharged Talent Driving Optimal Performance
Bob Rudzki
Christie Breves
Cathy Martin
Apollon Fanzeres

DG —Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management
Timothy Hall

DH —FedEx Reveals Its Secrets to Supplier Sustainability
Patrick Hopper

EA — Make Technology Your Slave – Not Vice Versa
Pierre Mitchell
Jason Busch

EB — Gaining Stakeholder Buy-In and Being a Valued Business Partner
Jack Martin

EC —Part Pricing & Data Analytics in Highly Complex and Fragmented Speed
Ray Fattore

ED — Building a Successful Indirect Procurement Team: Transferable Skills vs Subject Matter Expertise
Andy Isaac

EE — What Tools Does Google Employ for its Strategic Sourcing Process?
Bernd Huber
Amy Berry

EF —The Leadership Fast Track – Learn How These Young Professionals Have Raced Ahead and Plan to Stay There
Dion Ferrell
Scott Ottenheimer

EG — Can You Afford the Risk?
Lora Cecere

ISM-16-Don't Signature Session: Lessons Learned in Leadership and Career Choices Panel session - no presentation available
Carrie Ericson
Marc Hochman
Deborah K. Stanton
Todd Cooper
Ann Ackerson

ISM-16-Indirect Signature Session: From Necessary Evil to Valued Strategic Partner: Elevating Procurement’s Role and Winning Over Stakeholders One at a Time
James Akers

ISM-16-People Signature Session: CPOs That Lead the Pack: Hear Them Share Their Formula 1 For Success Panel session - no presentation available
Thomas Choi, Ph.D.
Tim Fiore
Craig Reed
Christie Breves
Maria Lindenberg
Vince Messimer

ISM-16-Reward Signature Session: Delivering the WOW in Supply Chain in Areas of Procurement and After Market Operations!
Frank Sanders
Thomas Maher


TUESDAY, May 17, 2016                               Back to Top

FA — Entering into Procurement – What Do Next Generation Procurement Professionals Want in their Career? Panel session - no presentation available
Tania Santiago
Kevin Cronin
Katie Post
Zawadi Dismuke
Samuel Setiawan

FB — Supplier Ethics – and Understanding Cultural Expectations
Andy Hinton

FC —TCO Distribution and Replenishment Strategies Using Multiple Supply Chain Networks
Steven Alsbro

FD — Professional Services (Legal, Consulting, HR, and Financial Services): Delivering Strong Value in a Category When You Are Not the Expert
K.O. Ansa Yiadom

FE — Technology for a Supplier Engagement Platform
Greg Anderson

FF — Transformation Superchargers – What Private Equity Expects from Sourcing Leaders Panel session - no presentation available
Greg Beutler
John Wang
Howard Levy
Larry Bates

FG — Moen Incorporated: The Journey of Enterprise Risk Management Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available
Ralph Carlton II

FH —Procurement Without Boundaries – The Art of the Possible
David Cash
Kevin Rettle

GA —Keys to Corporate Success – What You Didn’t Learn in Business School
Wanda Jackson-Davis

GB — Keys to Corporate Success – What You Didn’t Learn in Business School
John Davitt

GC — Strategies for Driving Cost Productivity Through People, Process, Partnerships and Product
Larry Polizzotto

GD — Indirect Supply Chain Transformation
Dion Ferrell

GE —Merged Fortunes: Integrating Separate Procurement Organization
Cathy Herr

GF — Taking a Pit Stop – Hear How Procurement Leaders Transition While in Between Successes Panel session - no presentation available
Craig Reed
Stuart Andrews
Raj Nath
Alejandro Gusis
Meghan Truchan

GG — Does Supplier Trust Improve Recovery from Supply Chain Disruptions?
James W. Haile, C.P.M.

GH — Advancing Sustainable Agricultural Practices Across a Spectrum of Growers: The Sustainable Farming Initiative (SFI)
Ian Hope Johnstone

HA — Design for Procurement: What is Your Role in New Product Development and How Can You Improve Performance?
Barry Brewer
Andy Arnette

HB — Functional Procurement – Reqs vs. POs vs. Releases, etc.
Darin Harvey

HC — Buying Group Savings: The Myths and Realities
Mike McDonald

HD — Metrics Matter
Nerinder Singh

HE — Visibility – Safeguarding Operations, Gaining Competitive Advantage & A New Era of Clarity & Profitability
Nancy Marino

HF — Look Who’s in the Driver’s Seat Now! Up-and-Comers Discuss the Roads They’ve Taken
Paul Boyer
Katy Conrad
Douglas Truchan
Linsey Vasilenko
Jami Bliss

HG — Logistics M&As: Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Sourcing & Procurement Decisions
Eileen McCulloch
Reynold Byers
Thomas Maher
Cathy Ryan
Joel Greenberg

HH — Unilever Sustainable Living Plan
Craig Gentry

IA — Communicate Your Way to Success
Wade Lyons

IB — A Supplier’s Perspective on the Don’ts of a Procurement Professional
Michelle Younghouse
Chris O’Brien
Riccardo Butta
Mark Stall

IC — Contract Manufacturing 101: Best-Practices for Selecting and Managing Your Vendors
Ori Amrami

ID — Buying Everything as a Service (XaaS)
Mark Trowbridge
Pierre Mitchell

IE — Is the Risk in Your Supply Chain Getting Ready to Bite You in the…? Learn Keys Steps for Identifying and Mitigating Supply Chain Risks
Rose Kelly-Falls
Carrie Ericson

IF — Industry Leaders Speed Networking: Meet 5 to 7 Industry Leaders During This Full-Throttle Session. Bring One Vexing Issue and Get Many Rapid Responses and Perspectives Panel session - no presentation available
Lisa Martin, CPSM, C.P.M.
Jim Sheehy
Shahid Javed
Michael Jacobs

IG — Sustainability Risks in Consumer Supply Chains: How Are Companies Doing?
Kevin Dooley

IH — Become a Magnet for Supply Chain & Procurement Talent Panel session - no presentation available
David Natoff
Paul Boyer
Alejandra Huhn
Louis Kotsakis

ISM-16-FINANCE Signature Session: Return on Investment (ROI) and Capital Investment from Purchasing Managers Perspective
Joseph Knight

ISM-16-NEG Signature Session: Sales Negotiation Tactics Every Buyer Should Know
Patrick Henry Hansen

ISM-16-SOW Performance-Based Statements of Work
Mark Grieco, J.D.


WEDNESDAY, May 18, 2016                               Back to Top

JA — Purchasing Renewable Energy to Meet Climate Change Goals
Kevin Dooley, Ph.D.
Hans Royal
Marco Ugarte

JB — How Sourcing Organization Can Generate Revenue Impact
Paul Barnaba
Pierre Rougier

JC — Integrarse en Corporate America
Miguel Gonzalez

JD — Leveraging SRM to Deliver More Value from Your Indirect Suppliers
Chris Sawchuk
Carl Bergauer

JE — The Indirect CPO as the Next Chief Spend Officer
David Hearn

JF — Rev Your Engines: Accelerate and Progress Your Personal Development and Brand by Taking Control of Your Own Career
Ann Farrell
Seth Steinberg

JG — Sustainability Transparency Across Supply Chains/Transparency End to End
Nicole Smith

KA — Choosing a China OEM Manufacturer: A Practical Guide
Steve Cha

KB — The Importance of EQ not IQ
Gabrielle Albert

KC — New Enterprise Contract Management Paradigm
Samir Bodas

KD —Elevating Procurement’s Profile
Erik Meader

KE — Who Gives a Tweet? Social Media & Procurement
Dr. Hugo Britt

KF — Navigating Ahead in an On-Demand World – Procurement’s New Realm
Rebecca Karp
Joe Payne

KG — “Doesn’t Anyone Out There Want My Business?” Why it’s Tough to Connect with SMBs, and What You