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Performance-Based Statements of Work (SOW): Maximize Supplier Performance

Upcoming Dates/Locations

Maximize supplier performance with effective performance-based statements of work (SOWs). This highly interactive seminar provides strategic and practical insight into SOWs that result in successful contracts. It explores specific tools and techniques, and examines typical mistakes. You will gain hands-on experience using actual case studies, case debriefings and Q&A sessions. Don’t miss this seminar if your organization seeks to maximize supplier performance.

Who should attend

Supply management professionals from all industry sectors and the public sector who are committed to enhancing supplier performance through more effective statements of work.

You will earn 14 CEHs for this seminar

You will learn

  • When to use performance-based specifications
  • How to evolve your current SOWs into performance-based tools to generate results
  • How to write clear and concise performance-based specifications
  • How to develop effective contract performance measurements
  • Ways to control project scope changes through effective performance-based SOWs
  • How to avoid typical failures associated with poorly written SOWs.

Course Outline

  1. Building the foundation: Defining the SOW and identifying its purpose; Different types of SOWs, including public and commercial models
  2. Uses of SOWs: Deliverables, Managing costs, Controlling change
  3. Why use performance-based specifications?
  4. Developing performance measurements
  5. Steps and guidelines for writing a performance-based SOW
  6. Critical lessons for SOW development: Required improvements and controls
  7. Successful SOWs: Effective models, comparisons and key success factors
  8. SOWs' links to project management
  9. Managing deliverables: Documenting requirements, Contract essentials, Managing risk, Ensuring performance results

Upcoming Dates/Locations

Date Location    
July 9-10, 2019 Boston, MA Ralph L Carlton II Register

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