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eISM Learning

eISM - Maximize your learning and earning potential

eISM features both self-paced and instructor-led online courses as well as quick micro-learning videos that help supply management professionals master their craft. Each course is created to add expert depth to your knowledge base by delving into specific competencies. The eISM program is designed around your need to build valuable knowledge and earn important Continuing Education Hours without disrupting your work-life balance. To ensure you get the most out of the eISM offerings, use the ISM Mastery Model® for course recommendations that are tailored to your needs.

eISM Online Courses

Just In Time
At 5-15 minutes long, these micro learning courses are excellent when you want to learn fundamental concepts in small, focused chunks. Offered as a low-cost monthly subscription, it makes learning convenient and cost effective.

Guided Learning
Looking to save on the cost and time of traveling to a seminar? These courses are an excellent online alternative and have the benefits of in-person training including peer learning and instructor interaction.

Self-Paced Learning
These courses are perfect for studying at your own speed. Each one covers several learning objectives and is an hour or more in length.

ISM Mastery Model® Assessment

Need help identifying areas to improve? The ISM Mastery Model® Assessment is the perfect starting point for pinpointing critical skill gaps you might not know exist. Once the assessment uncovers these gaps, the ISM Mastery Model® will show you the eISM courses available to close them.

eISM Webinars
  • Creating a Competitive Advantage in Your Supply Chain: Benefits of Financial Health Beyond Evaluating Financial Risk

    Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2018

    Time: 1pm (EST)

    Do you know how to evaluate your company’s financial health to identify risk? Interested in knowing why your company’s financial health can reduce disruption in your supply chain?

    Almost every industry is prone to disruption, and disruption in any part of your supply chain could mean lost sales and a damaged brand reputation. Evaluating your company’s financial health can be a leading indicator for other risks, including performance, business continuity, and even cyber risk. Focusing on financial transparency can assist with finding the strongest partners that drive growth and build healthier business relationships.

    Hear how leading organizations have used financial health to partner with the strongest suppliers and leveraged their supply chains to build a competitive advantage.

    Join Brian Sica in this webinar to understand the financial health of your supply chain and learn how you can mitigate the risk and strengthen your company’s ability to exercise innovation and agility.

    Sponsored by: RapidRatings