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Welcome to eISM Learning

While the ISM Mastery Model® tells you which competencies are vital for your current job and career, it is eISM that will add the expert depth to your knowledge base. With three different learning formats to choose from, pick the one that works best with your schedule and learning style and get started. It’s that easy.


eISM Online Courses

Just In Time
At 5-15 minutes long, these micro learning courses are excellent when you want to learn fundamental concepts in small, focused chunks. Offered as a low-cost monthly subscription, it makes learning convenient and cost effective.

Guided Learning
Looking to save on the cost and time of traveling to a seminar? These courses are an excellent online alternative and have the benefits of in-person training including peer learning and instructor interaction.

Self-Paced Learning
These courses are perfect for studying at your own speed. Each one covers several learning objectives and is an hour or more in length.


ISM Mastery Model® Assessment

Need help identifying areas to improve? The ISM Mastery Model® Assessment is the perfect starting point for pinpointing critical skill gaps you might not know exist. Once the assessment uncovers these gaps, the ISM Mastery Model® will show you the eISM courses available to close them.


eISM Webinars
  • Why Risk Monitoring Matters: A Practical Guide for Increasing Visibility to Potential Risks
    July 26, 2017
    1pm (EST)

    Globalization means you have a much wider array of suppliers available, enabling you to optimize sourcing to realize time and cost savings.


  • The Cost of Delaying System Upgrades
    July 27, 2017
    11am (EST)

    Purchasing has changed faster in the last 5 years than it has over the past 100 years. Megatrends point to increasing change...

  • Customer-Centric Procurement: Correlating Customer Experience to World-Class Performance
    August 24, 2017
    11am (EST)

    World-Class Procurement teams are focusing more on their stakeholder’s customer experience – providing self-service tools ...



eISM Podcasts