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Presentation Materials for the ISM2015 International Supply Management Conference

ISM2015 International Supply Management Conference
May 3-6, 2015
Phoenix, AZ

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Presentation materials are sorted by date and session.

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SUNDAY, May 3, 2015

AA — ‘Right Size’ Value Procurement (3MB)
Conrad Smith

AB — Determining the Buy vs. Build Decision (933KB)
Milton Whitfield

AC — Become a Valued Business Partner Through Rigorous Supply Chain Strategies
Jerry E. Miller, CPSM, CPSD
Michael Perry, CPSM

AD — Behavior Under Uncertainty with the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Model (2MB)
Thomas J. Kull, Ph.D.

AE — Conflict Minerals Compliance (1MB)
Kent Sharp

MONDAY, May 4, 2015

SNEG — Power Negotiations: Unlock Your Powers in Influence and Persuasion (1 MB)
Mark Grieco, MBA, J.D.

SST1 — The Integrated Supply Chain, A Transformational Journey (2MB)
Jimmy McDonald

SST5 — Leadership DNA: Where Does Leadership Start? (922KB)
Joe Black

SST7 —Breakthrough Mindset for Leaders—Leading Through Change in Uncertain Times (Note- at the Presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Dr. Bart Sayle

BA — A New Perspective on Supplier Diversity (Note- at the Presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Michelle Woo
Adam Gardner
Adrianna Sameniego

BB — Assessing Your Supplier Relationship Management Maturity Level
Meghan Murray
Steven Tess

BC — Delivering 50% Cost Savings To Your Business Leaders (2MB)

BD — Food Safety Risks in a Global Supply Chain—The Challenges Ahead of Us (3MB)
Marcio DaCosta, C.P.M.
John Kolenski

BE — Offshore vs. Onshore. How Do You Decide? (2MB)
Harry C. Moser

BF — Fast Track Your Career With an ISM Certification
Nora Neibergall, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M.
Jerri Kapelka, CPSM, CPSD
Rainey Alben

BG — How to Protect Your Data and Fight Corruption
Adriana Sanford, J.D.

BH — Session Not Available

BI — Best Strategic Practices for Small and Medium-Sized Procurement Organizations! (371KB)
Dr. Peter E. O’Reilly

BJ — Transformation of Procurement and Supply Chain with Data Analytics (1MB)
Kay Bello

BK — 3D Printing & Supply Management
Eric Miller

CA — CPO Rising 2015: The Agility Agenda
Andrew Bartolini

CB — Vested: Five Rules that Transform Outsourcing (Note- at the Presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Kate Vitasek

CC — Improving Financial Returns through Marketing Agency Management
Steven Wales

CD — Indentifying Suppliers That Will Bring Innovation to Your Supply Chain
Kimberly Proffitt
Linda Winter

CE — How ERM and Procurement Work Together
Brian Bender

CF — Award Winner Session: How to Reach Local Suppliers (Sustainability category winner) – ConocoPhillips
Gene Till

CG — How to Manage Travel Without Strong Mandates (Note- at the Presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Mary Alice Hansen, CCTE, GLP

CH — The Role of Professionalism in Career Advancement (322KB)
Merle W. Roberts, CPSM, C.P.M.

CI — How to Use Social Media to Drive Performance (2MB)
Tobias Schoenherr

CJ — Supply Chain Risk Management in Age of Social Media (6MB)
Hannah Kain

DA — Contribution of ASEAN Sustainable Economic Growth in Supply Chain (2MB)
Osamu Uehara

DB — The Starbucks Global Supply Chain: Protecting the Company through Strategic Assessment and Risk Mitigation (Note- at the Presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Stephen E. Lovejoy

DC — Expanding Procurement Value and Relevance
Frank Sanders

DD — Bayer HealthCare – The Journey to World Class Procurement (Note- at the Presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Miriam Limbach

DE — Emotional Intelligence in the Supply Chain: The Key to Good vs. Great Leaders (603KB)
Cheryl D’Cruz Young
Ronald North

DF — Managing Contractual Risk
Mark Grieco, MBA, J.D.

DG — Strategies for Building Strong Marketing Agency Relationships
Steven Wales

DH — Traveling the Road to World Class Procurement: key Success Factors from both the Private and Public Sectors (4MB)
Robert Rudzki
Jesus (Rudy) Gonzalez

DI — Increasing Efficiency Through Supply Chain Segmentation (721KB)
Wade McDaniel

DJ — Supplier Relationship Management: Lessons Learned and Best Practices in Developing a Superior Supplier Incentive Program (1MB)
Rene G. Rendon

EA — Non-Production Sourcing Processes that Create Value (3MB)
Steve Binkowski

EB — Making Procurement Easier (2MB)
Scott Whelan

EC — Moneyball: How to Align with Finance and Demonstrate Business Impact
Mickey North Rizza

ED — Supplier Replenishment Strategies (2MB)
Khalid Amer

EE — Culture Eats the Supply Chain for Breakfast... and What to do About It
Steven A. Melnyk
John D. Hanson

EF — Delivery Risk in Low Cost Steel Sourcing
John Anton

EG — SAP's Procurement Transformation Story: How the Cloud and the Business Network Changed Everything
Joseph Rossi

EH — How to Source Inclusively Outside the United States (902KB)
Michael Tobolski
Joan Kerr
Moreen Romans
Dominica Groom

EI — Acquisitions, Mergers and Divestitures - Expanding the Role of Supply Management
Larry Giunipero
Scott McKinnon

EJ — Dispelling the Myths of Diverse Suppliers
Mark Artigues
Minea Moore
William Irizarry

TUESDAY, May 5, 2015

FIN1 — Assessing Financial Health: The Key Concepts and Measures (1MB)
Joseph V. Knight, MBA

SCPO — So You Think You Can Be a CPO?
Eric Williams

SST2 — Transformation to Trusted Business Partners: Cost Savings are Not Everything (8MB)
David Natoff
Bernd Huber

SST6 — The New Supply Chain Agenda: Driving Real Value (3MB)
Reuben Slone
Paul Dittmann

FA — Managing Risk in the Global Supply Chain
Ernest G. Gabbard, JD, CPSM, C.P.M., CPCM

FB — Ethics and the Supply Chain: Real-World and Real-Time
Dr. Helen Eckmann
Craig Carter, Ph.D
Cathy Rodgers

FC — Transforming Strategic Sourcing to Support Profitable Revenue Growth (3MB)
Greg Anderson
Sankalp Navjivan

FD — TCO by Design and Supply Chain Inputs (Note- at the Presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Steven Alsbro

FE — From SCM 300 to Technology of the Future (2MB)
Tammer Zein-El-Abedein

FF — Leveraging the Supply Base for Innovation
Brent Perekoppi

FG — Global Disruptions: Why Exports Matter + How to Grow SMEs (1MB)
Ricardo Hubler
Cathy A. Martin, C.P.M.

FH — How Do You Stack Up: Key Metrics and Benchmarks from CAPS Research
Deborah K. Stanton
Geoff Zwemke

FI — Best Practices in Supplier Management (2MB)
Linda K. Lundquist
Jane E. Tierney
Kathy A. Kristovich

FJ — Help Finance Help You Create Value!
Pierre Mitchell

GA — The Value of People, Lean and Innovation in the Supply Chain (2MB)
Russ Scaffede

GB — Women Succeeding in Supply Management and Beyond (3MB)
Jill Bossi

GC — Supplier Diversity from the CPO Perspective
Al Williams
Gary Kallenbach
Clint Grimes
Tamara A. Pawloski
Arnold Sowa
Joan Kerr

GD — Resilience... Taking Continuity to the Next Level (910KB)
Betty Kildow

GE — Lurking Relationship Risks: Improper Identification and Allocation May Hurt You
John Shapiro
Jeffrey Mayer

GF — ThomasNet Survey Indicates Business Trending Up for Manufacturers
Linda Rigano
Kevin Wolfe

GG — Creating Professional Intelligence Now to Ensure Long-Range Success
Joe Sandor
R. David Nelson, C.P.M., A.P.P.
Shelley Stewart, CPSM
Elizabeth Green Orndorff, CPSM, PMI-RMP
Beverly Gaskin, CPSM

GH — Achieving Success as an Emerging Professional
Meghan Fiore-Truchan
Katy Conrad-Maynor
Jami Bliss
Doug Truchan
Bill Dempsey

Ron Washington

GJ — Award Winner Session: Transformation of the Organization (Process category winner) Flextronics (2MB)
Purnima Wagle

HA — Negotiation Skills: Taking Yours to the Next Level (756KB)
Dr. Brona Russell

HB — Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining the Generations in the Workplace (2MB)
Eileen McCulloch
Tom Maher
Milton Young
Sylvia Wilks
John W. Fowler Ph.D.

HC — Transportation: Risks to your supply chain (2MB)
Yancey C. Bowen, B.S.E.

HD — Supplier Diversity (Managing Partnerships to Attain Significant ROI)
Presentation - Part 1
Presentation - Part 2
Presentation - Part 3
Michael Robinson
Gloria D. Pualani
Scott Vowels
Alex Alvarez, Jr., CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M., A.P.P.

HE — Nexus Suppliers and Multi-Tier Supply Management
Thomas Y. Choi, Ph. D.

HF — Minding Your P2Ps and Qs: Quality P2P Programs Require a Change Management Focus
Richard Waugh
Pamela Lowe

HG — Successful Negotiating with T&E Suppliers
Michael Forrester
Michael Brennan
Jeff Bowman
Eric Schmauch

HH — Maximizing Emerging Professional Value: An Interactive Discussion
Meghan Fiore-Truchan
Jami Bliss
Doug Truchan

HI — Best Practices and Value Creation in Procurement (6MB)
Ori Amrami

HJ — Award Winner Session People category winner – John Deere (2MB)
Glen Schwab
Christy Cogdill

IA — Change is Imminent: Apply project management concepts to accelerate your department into the future
Wade Lyons

IB — Shifting the Talent Management Paradigm – Not All Work is Created Equal (2MB)
Naseem Malik, CPSM
Rebecca Karp

IC — Building the brand of procurement: the gateway to leadership, support, and top talent
Joseph Raudabaugh
Eric Germa
Deidra Merriwether
Noreen Randazzo

ID — Global Sourcing, Outsourcing, and Offshoring – Building a Borderless Supply Chain Team (3MB)
Marrena Anderson, CDR, CIR
Frances Hogsten

IE — Data Privacy, Security Breaches and Information Governance
Alan Rosenberg, Esq. and CIPP

IF — How to transform a fragmented Car Fleet Portfolio into a source of Capital Investment (9MB)
Urs A. Haymoz

IG — Technology Contracting – Moving into the Cloud (1MB)
Mark Trowbridge, CPSM, C.P.M., MCIPS

IH — Increasing Financial Value through Strategic Procurement (2MB)
Mark Usher
Denis Wolowiecki

II — Procurement – Delivering Business Value
Elena Polansky

IJ — Sustainability, Risk and Brand Value (Note- at the Presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Cathy Rodgers
William Hall
Louis Ferretti
Robert Kuhn

WEDNESDAY, May 6, 2015

FIN2 — Finance from the CPO Perspective Case Studies: Analysis of Two Companies' Financials (992KB)
Joseph V. Knight, MBA

SSOP — How to Succeed with Sales and Operations Planning
Presentation - Barnes
Presentation - Barnes
Presentation - Durst
Presentation - Hernandez
Jay Hernandez
Jim Barnes
Jason T. Durst
Hongbin Wang

SST3 — Walmart's Customer & Community Driven Supply Chain: A historic supply chain management challenge and opportunity! (Note- at the Presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Tracy Rosser
Debbie Hodges

SST4 — Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management (1MB)
Presentation - Part 2
Tim Hall
Jennifer Bisceglie

JA — Supplier Collaboration in Strategic Sourcing; An Oxymoron?
Apollon Fanzeres
Jean Dussaix

JB — Influencing Change – Change the Way You Change Minds (1MB)
Barbara M. Ardell

JC — Sourcing from Mexico: The Supplier Development Challenge (3MB)
William Dorn
Diego De La Garza

JD — How Streamlined Process and Technology Innovation is Leading the CPO Agenda
Anu Gardiner, Ph.D.

JE — Supply Market Intelligence: Risk Assessment and Research Resources (4MB)
Janette Jones

JF — Developing the Business Case for Supplier Diversity
Rainey Alben
Brenda R. Smith, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M.

JG — Balancing Procurement Responsibility with Internal Stakeholders: A Case Study of Oil & Gas Companies (3MB)
Barry Brewer, Ph.D.
Nick Hagel

JH — "Strategic Partnerships": The Key to Supply Chain Success (2MB)
Lynn Torrel

JI — The Role of SRM in Procurement’s Transition to Trusted Advisor
Chris Sawchuk
Mark Fortney

JJ — Producer Price Index – Practical Uses for Value Chain Management
David M. Friedman

KA — Supplier Collaboration: Building Value Beyond Corporate Borders (1MB)
Jeff Shulman
JehanZeb Noor
Ian Schillinger

KB — Project Leadership in Strategic Sourcing: A 5-Step Road Map for Success (2MB)
G. Sean Williams, CPSM

KC — How to Develop a Negotiation Strategy to Maximize Results
Presentation - Part 1
Presentation - Part 2
Alexandra M. Moschell

KD — The Report On Business: Development and Applications (2MB)
Paul Shik Lee, Jr.

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