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ISM's 2nd Annual Risk Management Conference

Leverage the Unexpected
July 25-26, 2013
Chicago, Illinois

Takeaways and Tools | Create Value | Sell the Plan
Technology | Address Uncertainty | Continuous Improvement

For many industries, the supply chain is the number-one arena for risk susceptibility. In the past few years, we have seen natural disasters dramatically impact international supply chains. Think of your own supply chain and where gaps can be found — anywhere from supplier weakness to economic uncertainty and fluctuating markets.

This conference is designed to provide an overview and practical information to help you connect the dots from risk management to your supply chain planning and execution.

The conference theme focuses on the many facets of risk management. Discover how organizations successfully confront risk using innovative tools and processes, and make those solutions part of your risk management survival kit. This program includes takeaways and success stories to apply to your enterprise. Practitioners share their tried-and-true stories to help companies avoid pitfalls.

If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that we must be prepared if we want to succeed.


Supply management professionals engaged in developing and supporting corporate risk management initiatives. Supply management professionals may want to invite those outside of supply management to gain buy-in and to build the foundation for organizational success. Risk management initiatives are often holistic strategies that involve the entire organization. Strong risk analysis can improve negotiating postures, contract writing and gap analyses. If you're involved in any of these areas, consider attending this conference to strengthen your position.


This is an opportunity to gain insight from supply chain professionals who have been in the trenches. Featured speakers include upper-level executives from world class organizations such as GE, Eli Lilly & Co. and Kraft Foods Group. Each session includes practical tools, assessments and takeaways so you can develop your risk strategy — or fine-tune your existing plan. Don't wait until disaster strikes; be prepared for what may be around the corner.


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Rapid Ratingsis a supply chain risk management solution that provides tools to companies looking to most effectively assess the financial health of their suppliers. We offer Financial Health Ratings (FHRs™) on thousands of global public and private companies using a unique proprietary methodology that is proven to outperform traditional ratings and risk metrics. Benefits cited include cost savings, improved efficiency, enriched supplier relationships, and easy integration into existing workflows and systems. In short, we give clients the insight needed to proactively manage their suppliers and best protect their businesses.

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