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ISM Services - Development Needs Analysis

Development Needs Analysis (DNA®)

DNA® is a Web-based tool for identifying the knowledge of procurement staff and creating a personal development profile (PDP) for each member of the team. ISM consultants develop the correct survey question set for each client company, creating a questionnaire that covers every area that applies. This non-threatening survey is delivered online for each professional to take at his or her own pace and time using a unique login and password. This process identifies specific areas where supply managers can improve their skills. From its analysis of the survey results, ISM provides insights into team strengths and targeted training requirements, to avoid "one size fits all" learning. Each participant receives an individual competency profile and a targeted learning plan. For managers, ISM generates an assessment of the overall skill gaps within the company. This Business Progression Plan details skills gaps by geography and category specialty. We use this to create an effective, targeted learning strategy for the whole purchasing organization.