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Educational Resource Committee (ERC) — Scope of Responsibility

COMMITTEE TITLE: Educational Resources Committee (ERC)
APPOINTED BY: ISM Board Chair, Approved by the Board of Directors
REPORTS TO: Board of Directors through Chief Executive Officer
TERMS: Chair: Three (3) years plus one (1) year as chair-elect
Members: Three (3) years
MEMBERSHIP: The Committee is comprised of a chair and five to eight members representing centers of academic excellence, including at least one academician from outside the United States. Members may include one or two interested and qualified practitioners or community college educators with appropriate credentials. Other ad hoc members may be appointed by the chair for specific assignments and dismissed upon completion.
SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITY: The Educational Resources Committee coordinates ISM efforts in enhancing the stature of supply management in colleges and universities; encourages students to pursue a career in supply management; supports the educational and research mission of ISM, including the administration of ISM funded grants and fellowships; and facilitates a clear working relationship between practitioners and academics.