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22nd Annual North American Research Symposium on Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (NARS)

March 15-16, 2012
Phoenix/Chandler, AZ

The North American Research Symposium on Purchasing and Supply Chain Management provides a unique forum for academicians and practitioners to share completed research, discuss future programs and instructional issues, motivate involvement, support collaboration and encourage increased interdisciplinary research in purchasing and supply management.

The symposium agenda includes addresses by senior business leaders, provocative panel discussions, and presentations of numerous original research papers selected through a rigorous review process. Of special interest are sessions on instructional techniques and material. In addition, the symposium provides time for discussion and collaboration, giving researchers the opportunity to exchange ideas on topics relevant to the fields of purchasing, supply management, logistics and materials management.

This innovative program focuses on research in the fields of supply chain management, purchasing, logistics, materials management, information technology, professional development and talent management, and decision science. The agenda features an inventive mix of presenters from business and academia, creating opportunities to explore the application of theoretical research to create business solutions. Combining an organizational and academic view, this respected event covers content and delivery practices, gleaning the best from each platform.

Plan now to join your distinguished colleagues from academia, research and business for this dynamic program. Explore current research findings, ongoing research, emerging trends, research methods and business research needs. Network with your colleagues in an atmosphere of constructive discussion and insightful exchange. Be prepared to discuss a mix of topics, processes, innovative pedagogy, instructional techniques and classroom materials. And, earn Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) for your attendance.

CAPS Research grants research scholarships of $750 to up to 30 junior faculty members or current doctoral students to support participation in the North American Research Symposium on Supply Chain Management. The scholarships will be provided for paper/session proposals or cases accepted for presentation at the symposium. Scholarship winners must submit a paper for the Proceedings, attend the entire symposium, and present a paper. For more information contact Debbie Maciejewski, Research/Marketing Manager at

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