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ISM Academic Research Support Program - Sample Topics

Sample Topics

The purpose of the ISM Academic Research Support Program is to support research in supply management, purchasing and/or related fields. Specific sample topics are: purchasing and supply management models, methodologies, measurement, supply networks, operations and logistics integration, product/service innovation, supply relationships, supply organizational issues, supply's role in corporate performance, and strategic development of supply. These topics are provided as examples only and are not intended to limit proposal topics. However, a key criterion for selecting grant recipients is that their proposal has direct value and implications for the supply management field.

Additional Suggestions:
  • Supply as a strategic tool
  • Alliances and supply linkage
  • Strategic sourcing and supplier development
  • Globalization
  • Information systems
  • Supply risk and supply chain governance
  • Measuring supply effectiveness
  • Roles in supply chains/networks
  • Training/development approaches
  • Supply methodologies
  • Supply in product/service innovation
  • Supply chain sustainability

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