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ISM Academic Research Support Programs (Grants) - Phase 2

Phase 2: The Professional Research Development Grant

Note: Applications for this grant phase are not being considered in 2013.

Phase Overview:

This grant program is designed to support assistant and younger associate professors with terminal degrees that are teaching in the field a significant research track in supply management and associated areas. The goal is to help competitively selected faculty build a research and publication field and establish themselves in the profession (i.e. academic institutions, professional organizations, research fund granting bodies such as CAPS Research, etc.). This would include CAPS research. Faculty selected will generally have two (2) to eight (8) years of teaching and research experience and have successful publication experience beyond the doctoral degree.

In this program ISM will consider and may fund up to two grants at up to $10,000 each year. ISM will also consider grants for two years, which cannot exceed a total of $20,000 if appropriate. These proposals must all include budgets and time lines to justify larger or longer-term commitments.

Evaluation Criteria:
  1. The focus of this evaluation is less on what the applicant intends to do with the project and more on what the individual can do and contribute to the profession over time.
  2. Specific criteria include
    1. Applicant's project proposal
    2. Research and teaching record
    3. Applicant's potential impact on the near-term needs of the profession
    4. Applicant's potential impact on the field in the next five to ten years
Application Procedures:
  1. Letter of application explaining qualifications for the grant.
  2. Research proposal of no more than five pages, including problem statement or hypothesis; research methodology, with data sources, collection and analysis; and value to the field of supply management.
  3. Curriculum vitae, including works in progress.
  4. Must include budgets and timeline justification.