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2016 Dissertation Grant Application Process and Evaluation Criteria

Application Deadline March 31, 2016

Application Procedure

1. Letter of Application, signed by the Candidate, which includes the following information:

a. The date Candidate completed doctoral courses.
b. The date Candidate successfully completed doctoral exams.
c. The date Candidate expects to complete the doctoral degree.

2. Official transcripts from the Candidate’s current university only. Prior transcripts are not required.

3. Proposal abstract:

a. The proposal application is limited to 10 pages of text plus supporting materials. The text should be Times (or Times New Roman) 12-point font and doubled-spaced.
b. The proposal must specifically discuss:

i. Problem statement or hypothesis
ii. Research methodology; including data sources, collection and analysis
iii. Significance or value of the research to the field
iv. Literature search and research design

4. A letter from the Candidate’s major advisor, stating that the final research dissertation proposal has been officially approved by the Candidate’s doctoral committee.

5. The proposal must be accompanied by three letters of reference from the faculty or others knowledgeable concerning the dissertation, the process and the Candidate. These letters should be sealed independently, within the application package.

6. Documents, with the exception of the items listed in items 4 and 5 above, may be submitted electronically in pdf format. Electronic documents may be sent to the attention of Nora Neibergall at

7. Items 4 and 5 (letters), or any other hard copy applications, are to be mailed to:

ISM Dissertation Grant Program
Institute for Supply Management
2055 East Centennial Circle
Tempe, Arizona 85284

8. Incomplete packets will not be evaluated.


Evaluation Criteria

All applications will be reviewed by a Review Panel of qualified academics, teaching professionals and researchers. The panel will:

1. Verify that the Candidate’s university has accepted the proposal. (Letter from Advisor)

2. Verify that the Candidate’s academic status meets grant requirements. (Transcript)

3. Verify that the Candidate has clearly stated why and how the completed dissertation will have value to the profession.

4. Evaluate the proposal:

a. Completeness of the proposal

i. Does the problem statement suggest value for the common body of knowledge if properly completed?
ii. Do the literature review and bibliography support the project and suggest that the project has merit?
iii. Has the most appropriate research method been selected to provide the process to answer the research question(s) and provide theoretical framing?

b. Additional evidence of potential success:

i. Prior publications
ii. Strength of the letters of recommendation

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Grant Eligibility Requirements
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