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Hospitality Supply Management Conference

May 19-21, 2010
Chicago, IL

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

  • Session TA: Taking Responsibility for Food Safety in the Produce Industry (2000 KB)

    Food safety remains a critical issue for the produce industry. Food safety audits, product testing, traceability (PTI) and global standards are hot topics within the industry, while federal legislation and FDA regulations are poised to impact the industry. Yet, real change in produce food safety performance only occurs when each participant in the supply chain accepts responsibility for ensuring the safety of produce and develops risk- and science-based programs to manage food safety. Discover what you can do to bring about this change in business culture and improve the safety of the produce you serve.

    Robert J. Whitaker, Ph.D. | Chief Science and Technology Officer | Produce Marketing Association (275 KB)

  • Session TB: Detecting and Preventing Supply Disruptions to Your Business (346 KB)

    Continuity of supply is more critical than ever. Advance awareness of prospective supplier issues helps avoid costly crises and interruptions in the supply chain. Closely monitoring each and every supplier is both impractical and inefficient. Publicly available financial information on your suppliers can be both overwhelming and misleading. This session explores ways to minimize disruptions by reviewing 1) practical approaches to identify the most critical suppliers, 2) effective techniques to assess suppliers' relative financial risk and 3) effective remediation approaches.

    Foster Finley | Managing Director | AlixPartners LLP (259 KB)

  • Session TC: Lean Supply Management: How to Do More With Less (2000 KB)

    Explore the drivers and principles of lean supply management and how to implement a lean program. Discuss the benefits and challenges in executing lean programs.

    Humberto Villagomez | Captain of Clear Sailing (Vice President, Operations) | Two Chefs On A Roll (260 KB)

  • Session TD: Peer Roundtable Discussion

    Join your peers and discuss hot topics in supply management, including skill sets and certifications, sustainability, security, risk and the challenges faced in guaranteeing a world-class supply chain.

Friday, May 21, 2010

  • Session FA: Using Collaborative Technology to Combat Costs (1000 KB)

    Given today's competitive pressures, operators want to protect franchise members and provide the best tools to combat rising food costs. Purchasing organizations want to improve their ability to perform a complete audit of the spend to enforce price and purchase compliance with their trading partners. Get the inside story on how some of the top 50 operators buy the right products at the right price, optimize SKUs and suppliers, increase rebate collection, improve quality and accuracy of financial reporting, and drive better partner relationships through use of collaborative technology. See how top chains such as the Independent Purchasing Cooperative for SUBWAY, International Dairy Queen and Compass Group North America are deploying these technologies to combat current economic-climate challenges. Find out how you can leverage this trend for your organization.

    Jeff Dorr | Vice President, Sales | iTradeNetwork, Inc. (261 KB)

  • Session FB: Best Practices for Purchasing Energy in Deregulated Energy Markets (732 KB)

    One of the first steps in successfully purchasing energy is to determine your company's risk tolerance. Then you must understand how volatile market risk can affect your budget. Are you sure that your company's energy purchasing strategy aligns with your company's risk tolerance? Join us as we explore best practices in energy procurement. Learn why it is so important to understand, evaluate and communicate risk within your organization. Know which questions to ask and how to establish strong energy procurement policies.

    Melody Swanson, CEP | Manager, Energy Procurement Services | Advantage IQ, Inc. (257 KB)

  • Session FC: Economic Outlook (3000 KB)

    The Conference isn't complete without an economic update from Bill Lapp. Lapp offers his insights into major commodities and the general economy. Don't miss this session or you'll miss out on his predictions for 2010 and beyond.

    William Lapp | President | Advanced Economic Solutions (254 KB)