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Global Supply Management Conference

December 3-4, 2009
Phoenix, AZ

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

  • Session TA: Strategies for Global Sourcing

    During this interactive session, explore global sourcing challenges and opportunities from a Fortune 500 perspective. Discuss case studies that compare and contrast the sourcing dynamics associated with two distinctly different products. In the first example, the focus is on procuring highly sophisticated industrial machinery. For the second example, explore issues associated with sourcing a global agricultural product.

    Timothy Campbell | Director, International Tobacco Procurement | Altria, Inc.

    Ronald "Bud" Butler | Manager, Supply Chain Quality Systems, International Leaf Procurement | Altria, Inc.

  • Session TB: Are Your Suppliers Putting You at Risk?
    Gain an understanding of risks involved in the supply chain, including how new government requirements and regulations related to SOX, homeland security and customs place greater responsibilities on supply management and logistics professionals. Find out what you need to know, not only about your suppliers, but about their suppliers as well.

    Rennie Alston | President | American River International

  • Session TC: Building Professional Credibility With High-Impact Persuasion and Influencing Skills
    People outside the profession often view supply management professionals as clerks who create obstacles. Additionally, they are sometimes seen as the messengers of unfavorable news or enforcers of unpopular procedures. This session provides specific ideas about how you can change this negative perception, build credibility and enhance your influence and business case persuasion skills. Emphasis is on practical, immediate approaches that positively position the contribution and scope of your work within any organization. This session also includes ideas about how to effectively deliver difficult messages such as having to tell your colleague that he cannot use his favorite supplier, or he may have to substitute a part, or he may have to pass all procurement requests through a centralized department.

    Jon M. Spera | Principal | JMS PARTNERS, Inc.

  • Session TD: Evaluating Global Manufacturing Partners & Strategies in Uncertain Times
    Developing a global manufacturing strategy is a daunting task during the most stable and quiet of economic times. With the world in the midst of what will prove to be the largest coordinated global recession in history, both the complexities and consequences of global manufacturing partnerships have never been greater. The recent and unprecedented volatility in raw material prices and transportation costs have been compounded by rapid and dramatic moves in many of the world's major currencies. Attend this session to gain insight into global sourcing and learn how to make decisions that help your organization gain a strong bottom line.

    Jeff Wallingford | Riverwood Solutions

Friday, December 4, 2009

  • Session FA: Lean International Supply Management
    This session focuses on how to accomplish lean when the parties are spread across the globe. How do you start lean programs with suppliers outside of the U.S? Discover the benefits of lean and lean supplier relations (reducing delivery and nonconformance issues). The session also incorporates case studies and other activities leading to a lively and interactive session.

    Jeffrey L. Oelke | Director, Department of Engineering Professional Development | University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Session FB: Is There A Fly In My Supply Chain?
    Tainted pet food and toxic sheet rock how could such products reach the global marketplace without proper quality control? The fact is quality control is in the eye of the beholder or perhaps more appropriately the culture of the manufacturer. These products were made in China by established companies and on the orders of seasoned buyers. But somewhere along the supply chain things changed. The question is "are you prepared to understand how culture, substitution and geopolitics can impact your supply chain when you manufacture overseas?" This presentation will cover what to look for, how to react and to instruct your overseas suppliers on what is and what is not acceptable in your supply chain manufacturing process.

    James E. Martin | Global Group Chair

  • Session FC: Top Sourcing and Procurement Strategies for Tough Economic Times
    When companies fall upon hard economic times, some sourcing and procurement strategies require a realignment. Usually this means re-evaluating the priorities. Understanding where initiatives fall on the continuum ensures that resources are focused on the necessities and not wasted elsewhere. Successful sourcing and procurement professionals pursue top strategies and find opportunities to shine and deliver real value regardless of the market conditions.

    Greg Modlinski | Director of Purchasing, Global Faucets | Kohler Co | ISM Global Group 2nd Vice Chair, Education

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