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The Buying Black Hole - Closing P2P Compliance and Usability Gaps

Delivered November 27, 2012

Please Note: This Free Streaming Only web seminar is 60 minutes in length sponsored by Zycus.
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First generation purchase-to-pay (P2P) technologies, inclusive of eProcurement and electronic invoicing, have existed for over 15 years. Yet adoption levels inside many companies remain far below what they should be. This webinar will address one of the primary reasons why P2P adoption levels are all-too-often subpar. The failure to effectively enable the frontline business user, not just the procurement organization, in both buyer and supplier organizations. In exploring this topic, we will consider the impact of this failure and how/why this buying black hole came to be created across a range of categories including both indirect and services spend categories. This live online discussion will explore how next generation P2P solutions can enable organizations to escape P2P mediocrity to achieve maximum user adoption and full spend coverage and compliance.


  • Jason Busch
    Executive Editor, Spend Matters
    Managing Director, Azul Partners

  • Richard Waugh
    Director of Business Development


  • John Yuva
    Editor, Inside Supply Management®
    Institute for Supply Management™

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