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Supplier Risk Index

Consider these questions about your supply chain:

  • Are you confident about the ethics and compliance of your suppliers' suppliers?
  • Are your suppliers prepared for the new U.S. conflict minerals regulations?
  • Is your supply chain prepared for a government coup?
  • What happens to your supply chain if one of your suppliers can't ship their product due to a natural disaster?
  • Do you know if your 2nd tier (and beyond) suppliers follow the sustainable initiatives that your organization promotes?
  • Can your reputation and brand tolerate being connected to your suppliers' ethical and compliance mishaps?
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The Supplier Risk Index can measure risk throughout your supply chain and allow you to identify specific areas of concern. Through ISM Services' partnership with the Ethisphere Institute, we can help you identify potential supply disruptions — including disasters, and ethics, compliance and sustainability issues — to keep your business running and protect your brand.

Risk Management Maintains Your Business Continuity and Brand Reputation

Our Supplier Risk Index is a series of survey questions made up of three indices:

  • Risk Index
  • Ethics Index
  • Sustainability Index

Each of your selected suppliers answers a series of in-depth questions online. Responses can then be flagged and weighted in such a way that calls out varying degrees of risk.

We provide you a dashboard report that indicates your supplier's strength of risk, business and employment practices, ethics and compliance program and sustainability practices compared to other similar organizations. This also allows you to audit their plans and gives you the opportunity to proactively address any potential weaknesses with plenty of time to implement risk mitigation strategies before anything happens.

If you need it, we are also available to assist you in auditing your suppliers risk mitigation plans and can help you develop and put in place new programs to protect your suppliers and in turn, your organization.

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