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Rails, Roads, Water and Air: Logistics, Inventory and Distribution - Program Outline

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Preliminary Program Outline

Note: This outline is subject to change before the broadcast.

Segment 1: Overview
  1. Roles of supply management professionals and the importance of global supply trade management in a company competing in world trade
  2. Aspects and issues to compete successfully in global trade and the interface with supply chain professionals.
  3. How companies get become world class through supply chain initiatives.
Segment 2: Leveraging International Inventory, Warehousing and Distribution
  1. Domestic and international considerations, issues and concepts
  2. Bonded warehouses & Foreign Trade Zones
  3. Technology options
  4. Investment recovery, surplus and disposal
Segment 3: Managing Carriers and Service Providers to Gain Logistics Advantage
  1. Introduction of the players and their role in the Domestic and the Global Supply Chain
  2. Carriers and service providers (e.g., third-party logistics, freight forwarders, etc.)
  3. Trade regulations and compliance
Segment 4: Establishing a "Best Practices World Class" Global Supply Chain
  1. Benefits and Consequences
  2. Ten steps to "World Class"
  3. Mitigating Supply Chain risks
  4. Reverse logistics and Importing and Exporting
  5. Resources
  6. Sustainability and green

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