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Leadership Skills for Today and Tomorrow

ISM's 90th Annual International Supply Management Conference

San Antonio, Texas
May 2005


Roberta J. Duffy

Kathi M. Jobkar, C.P.M.
Manager, Strategic Sourcing
Allegheny Technologies Inc.

Leadership — the ability to influence people toward the attainment of goals — motivates people to higher levels of performance. As Kathi Jobkar explained to her audience, supply managers taking a leadership role will be able to better support their development plans and expand their skills in the ever-changing marketplace. Because organizations need and want both formal and informal leaders at all levels within the organization, Jobkar shared the 12 steps to leadership success from Fast Company magazine:

  1. Leaders are confident and modest
  2. Leaders are authentic
  3. Leaders are listeners
  4. Leaders are good at giving encouragement and they are never satisfied
  5. Leaders make unexpected connections
  6. Leaders provide direction
  7. Leaders protect their people from danger and expose them to reality
  8. Leaders make changes but stand for values that do not change
  9. Leaders lead by example
  10. Leaders learn, they do not blame
  11. Leaders look for and network with other leaders
  12. The job of the leader is to make more leaders

Jobkar left her audience with a reminder that five years from now they will be the same people that they are today, with the exception of what they read, who they meet, where they go and the risks they take. "Sometimes our greatest leadership contribution may positively change someone else's life more than our own," she concluded.

By Roberta J. Duffy, editor of Inside Supply Management®

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