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Opening Keynote Presentation with Ann W. Richards

ISM's 90th Annual International Supply Management Conference

San Antonio, Texas
May 2005


Jill Schildhouse

Opening Keynote Address
Ann W. Richards

Former Texas governor Ann Richards kicked off this year's Conference describing leadership as an abominable snowman that cannot be seen, but you know it's been there because of the footprints. Quoting the Texan saying, "If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've already got," Richards urged Conference-goers to use leadership to make effective business changes.

She went on to explain that if she were to write a book on leadership, it would include the following five chapters:

  1. To get things done, you need to know what to do
  2. Show up and stay focused
  3. Accept risk and consequences
  4. Be flexible in trying new solutions
  5. You can't separate your work life from you personal life

With personal anecdotes about her health, her lunch with the Queen of England, her career, and how the tragic events of September 11 changed her views on the importance of family, Richards also took the time to answer audience questions on religious polarization, border control and President Bush.

By Jill Schildhouse, writer for Inside Supply Management®

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