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Collaborative New Product Development: The Key to Successful Supply Chains

Electronic Commerce, Global Supply Management, and Supply Chain Management Conference

November 1999


David Burt, Ph.D.

Supplier Collaboration Key to Successful Supply Chains

Tuesday morning's 8:30 session hosted David N. Burt, Ph.D., professor of Supply Management and Director of the Supply Chain Management Institute at the University of San Diego, for insights on effectively collaborating with key suppliers in new product development. The session, held during ISM's November Supply Chain Management Conference at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, Arizona, highlighted the need to effectively collaborate with critical suppliers on new product development in order to build successful supply chains.

Covering a variety of issues, Dr. Burt, listed a series of tips to ensure effective collaborative relationships:

  1. Establish cross-functional teams in the area of the interface.
  2. Provide training that will facilitate the development of the relationships.
  3. Provide a relationship manager for both parties.
  4. Increase managerial effort when there is a turnover of key individuals.

Dr. Burt made available extensive opportunities for the audience to ask questions. The focus of questioning was mainly on supplier management.

Dr. Burt ended by saying, "A collaborative approach to new product development is the key to a supply chain's success and survival. Relations among buyers and suppliers must be developed and managed with malice of forethought."

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