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Social Responsibility: A Plan for the Growth of Socially-Responsible Procurement

ISM's 93rd Annual International Supply Management Conference

St. Louis, MO
May 2008


Dennis M. Gawlik C.P.M., CTL, Non-Clinical Sourcing, Seattle Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center

Social responsibility is a key business goal for most organizations today, and it's the integration of financial, environmental and social considerations that bring about value creation and competitive advantage, according to this session presented by Dennis M. Gawlick, member of the ISM Committee on Social Responsibility.

Discussion regarding the "Triple Bottom Line," the 7 Principles of Social Responsibility from ISM and the criteria for building a business case for socially-responsible programs focused on action points that can be led by supply management. For example, supply management professionals can use standard processes that would apply for any supplier relationship management program to monitor suppliers to ensure compliance with sustainability and SR agreements (and then auditing the results). It can also be beneficial to take the time to recognize and reward suppliers who consistently perform well.

Finally, Gawlick shared examples of major organizations, such as Starbucks and the Panasonic, that incorporate best practices in one of the main principles of social responsibility…and are consistently rated as top companies to work for in the U.S. In the coming year, can you find ways to emulate these strong examples and become one of the best companies to work for, as well?

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