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Opening Keynote Presentation: Successful Decision Making — Sharing Ideas from Blink

ISM's 92nd Annual International Supply Management Conference

Las Vegas, NV
May 2007


Malcolm Gladwell, Author

Successful Decisionmaking — Sharing Ideas from Blink

Malcolm Gladwell has an incomparable gift for generating value by interpreting groundbreaking research in psychology, sociology and neurology and applying it to business. His provocative ideas are taking the business world by storm. With his first book, Gladwell embedded the concept of The Tipping Point in our everyday vocabulary and gave organizations new tools for understanding how and why change happens and how to create positive epidemics of ideas and behavior. In Blink, he analyzes first impressions — the judgments we make unconsciously and instinctively — and he explores how we can master this important aspect of successful decisionmaking. Gladwell's illuminating way of looking at snap judgments will provide inspiration and tools for you to better develop and execute a successful supply chain.

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