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Onsite Seminar

Technology and Innovation

Technology: Harnessing its Power for Efficient Supply Management

This forum focuses on the utilization of technology within an effective supply management program. Through a focus on efficient transaction cycles, e-commerce technologies, electronic payment options and continuous improvement methodologies, this program explores how yesterday’s purchasing manager has transitioned into today’s supply chain professional. Real-world supply management perspectives including best-in-class programs are presented. There will be an opportunity to network and share experiences to learn how other organizations are advancing through the efficient use of technology. The material in this course is continually updated to remain on the cutting edge of evolving technology.

Who Should Attend

Those who work for organizations that have made the decision to integrate technology into their existing supply management structure or those who are implementing new technology programs. The program will benefit both supply chain management professionals and individuals in other departments that interact with the supply management group.

You Will Learn
  • How to create an efficient transaction cycle
  • The relationships and interdependencies of supply management with ERP and e-commerce programs
  • The critical steps in implementing technology-driven programs
  • Strategies for achieving organizational synergy within your supply management program
  • Current hot topics involving technology within the supply chain
  • How other organizations are utilizing technology within the supply chain, including best practices
  • The experiences of other participants through group breakout sessions
  • The future direction of efficient supply chain management through the identification and tracking of emerging technology trends
Course Outline
  1. Purchasing quadrant analysis as an efficient supply management program
  2. Leveraging your technology investment through efficient transaction cycles
  3. The short- and long-term impact and implications of technology on the supply chain and supply management strategy
  4. Technology as a means of enhancing supplier communication and integration
  5. E-commerce update: What is and is not working in the market
  6. Considerations for technology integration; Evaluation and selection criteria; Contract development; Implementation planning; Goals and measurements for success
  7. Successful technology implementation strategy; Common problems, pitfalls and solutions; Case studies
  8. Identification of relevant technology risk areas within your organization’s direct and indirect supply chain
  9. Strategies and contingency planning to mitigate technology risk
  10. The future of technology and its increasing impact on supply management’s role