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Onsite Seminar

Strategic Supply Management

Supply Chain Management: Defining and Determining Results

Supply Chain Management (SCM) has been so broadly defined that confusion and suboptimal applications have often resulted. This seminar is designed to clear up that confusion and assist you to develop a set of practices that work for your company.

Special Benefit: Consider bringing specific issues and examples from your organization, such as the type of accounting system in use (standard cost, budget, job costing, etc.) and the cost to carry inventory. This information can be used for the development of a tailored implementation or corrective action plan.

You Will Learn
  • How to create an implementation or corrective action plan with identifiable output for your organization
  • How to identify and measure costs
  • How to plan for key components, including materials
  • How to compare quality requirements with cost implications
  • What new performance measures are available for your supply chain
Course Outline
  1. Definitions of supply chain management, required resources, and approaches to supply chain management
  2. Supply base depth and whether to bring supply chain management to your customers
  3. Plotting material and information flows
  4. Identifying and measuring the cost drivers in your system
  5. Cycle time, inventory investment, and quality cost improvement
  6. Ownership of transportation, warehousing, and distribution
  7. Putting a cost on cycle time and lead time
  8. Path planning for key components and material
  9. Successes and failures in other companies
  10. Supply chain management impact on suppliers and how to handle small suppliers
  11. Distribution and OEM (Original equipment manufacturer)
  12. Unifying quality requirements and identifying quality costs
  13. Communication links and when is software appropriate
  14. Matching internal resources to your supply chain management plan objectives
  15. Working with finance, defining monetary issues, and creating acceptable measures
  16. New performance measures
Who Should Attend

Purchasing, inventory and supply managers who want to better understand optimization and supply chain management issues in an effort to develop or improve a set of practices for your company.