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Onsite Seminar

Services Purchasing

Achieving Peak Performance When Purchasing Services

Successful service contracts require a unique blend of art and science. Achieve peak performance with your ability to develop comprehensive statements of work, find the right service providers and contain costs. Implement contract programs for traditional and non-traditional services and measure supplier performance against pre-established criteria.

Who Should Attend

Professionals who want to develop competitive skills for sourcing services and managing supplier performance.

You Will Learn
  • How to implement a services contracting program for nontraditional services
  • To use a decisionmaking process that determines when services should be insourced and outsourced
  • Cost Management concepts — estimating and controlling major cost drivers in services contracts
  • Developing the statement of work (SOW) as a tool for implementation of contracts
  • Where to look for service providers and how to assess their "true" capabilities
  • How to determine the type of relationship you want with the service provider
  • Evaluating contract alternatives with regard to cost/price and performance criteria
  • The art and science of contract administration — getting better performance out of services contracts
  • The new services portfolio — the world of services purchasing is becoming very complex as organizations look outside for more and better services
Course Outline
  1. The evolution of services contracts from a purchasing sideline to a mainstream activity; Distinguishing characteristics between services and supply contracts
  2. Sourcing of services contracts — the criteria that must be included in the search for quality suppliers
  3. Determining cost/price relationships in the services environment; How to make sure that cost are in line with industry averages
  4. Preparing the statement of work — including the common errors that are made in the SOW
  5. How to work with the internal customer in planning the request for proposal and developing the contract
  6. Contracting alternatives available to the services buyer — the advantages and disadvantages of each; Sample contracts that facilitate an effective services buy
  7. Contract management — the what and how of effective contract administration; including evaluating methodologies to measure performance