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Onsite Seminar

Negotiations & Collaboration

Cross-Cultural Business Negotiations

Purchasing is the one business function that provides its executives insight into all other business functions. This seminar focuses on application of basic concepts and underlying principles to the realistic working environment. It provides the beginner with a sound and complete introductions to the purchasing function and offers the more sophisticated student discussion and case study opportunities in many of purchasing's important concepts.

You Will Learn
  • The stages of a negotiation process
  • What cultural influences might impact your negotiation
  • Various countries' cross-cultural behaviors, languages, and negotiation styles
  • How non-verbal communication plays a role
  • When, where, who, and what to negotiate
  • About haggling and its affect on negotiations
  • The do's and don'ts of cross-cultural negotiations
Course Outline
  1. Introduction: The need for global negotiations and concerns and opportunities in the global environment
  2. The art and science of negotiations: Psychological implications, positional interests, creating a LOB profile, stages of the negotiations process, and what makes a good negotiator
  3. Why international negotiations: Cultural influences and cross-cultural variables
  4. Cross-cultural negotiation behavior
  5. How to begin cross-cultural negotiations: Language, negotiation style, differences in decision making, and personal relationships
  6. Status and protocol: Social aspects of negotiations and using interpreters
  7. Non-verbal communications: Impact of body language, low vs. high context, adaptive behavior in cross-cultural encounters, and examples
  8. When: How different cultures view time, non-task and relationships, using time in the negotiations process, and planning and debriefing
  9. Who: Composition of the team, including status and authority, size of the team, intermediaries, risk and rewards, and trust
  10. Where to negotiate
  11. What to negotiate
  12. Haggling: What is the difference, characteristics of haggling, the haggling environment, advantages of haggling, and market characteristics
  13. Country specific study: General, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines
  14. Do's and don'ts in cross-cultural negotiations
Who Should Attend

Purchasing and supply management professionals who seek to conduct successful negotiations and build a solid foundation for developing global negotiation skills. Experienced professionals who wish to refresh their skills for conducting negotiations.