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Onsite Seminar

Material Management & Inventory Control

Fundamentals of Materials Management

The material management function encompasses the complete cycle of acquisition and control and usage. This seminar begins with forecasting and planning and concludes with disposition of obsolete and excess materials. This integrated view provides the organization with the best opportunities for the effective use of company resources for materials expenditures and management.

You Will Learn
  • To identify the elements and organizations involved in material management
  • To identify the skills and knowledge needed for effective materials management
  • To develop an organizational model for integrated materials
  • To identify the roles of cross-functional teams
Course Outline
  1. Materials management elements and functions
  2. Organizational implications
  3. Current and future product plans
  4. Commodity management
  5. Supplier selection and supply base management
  6. Current product planning: Sales, inventory, and manufacturing plan
  7. Materials plan: MRPII
  8. Quality impact
  9. Just-in-time (JIT) and distributions requirement planning (DRP)
  10. Supplier certification
  11. Transportation
Who Should Attend

Senior buyers, purchasing managers, operations managers, and manufacturing managers who want to enhance their knowledge and need for effective and integrated materials management.