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Onsite Seminar

Legal Concepts and Contracting

Performance-Based Statements of Work (SOWs): Maximize Supplier Performance

This application-based course provides both strategic and practical insight into the preparation of effective performance-based statements of work (SOWs) that result in successful contracts. This highly interactive program discusses specific tools and techniques and explores typical mistakes. Gain hands-on experience in writing effective performance-based specifications using actual case studies. Case debriefings and recapping lessons learned as well as Q&A sessions provide a platform to address matters specific to developing performance-based SOWs for your organization.

Who Should Attend

Supply professionals and others from service, manufacturing or the public sector, committed to enhancing supplier performance.

You Will Learn
  • When to use performance-based specifications
  • How to evolve your current SOWs into performance-based tools to generate results
  • To write clear and concise performance-based specifications
  • To develop effective contract performance measurements
  • Ways to control project scope changes through effective performance-based SOWs
  • How to avoid typical failures associated with poorly written SOWs
Course Outline
  1. Building the foundation: Defining the SOW and identifying its purpose; Different types of SOWs, including public and commercial models
  2. Uses of SOWs: Deliverables, Managing costs, Controlling change
  3. Why use performance-based specifications?
  4. Developing performance measurements
  5. Steps and guidelines for writing a performance-based SOW
  6. Critical lessons for SOW development: Required improvements and controls
  7. Successful SOWs: Effective models, comparisons and key success factors
  8. SOWs' linkages to project management
  9. Managing deliverables: Documenting requirements, Contract essentials, Managing risk, Ensuring performance results