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Onsite Seminar

Material Management & Inventory Control

Achieving and Maintaining Inventory Accuracy

You Will Learn
  • How to increase inventory accuracy
  • What tools to use to improve measurements of inventory accuracy
  • What tools to use to determine the causes of inventory errors
  • How to select appropriate replenishment system
Course Outline
  1. Inventory ownership and its accuracy
  2. Simple visual systems that increase accuracy and simplify inventory management processes
  3. Measuring inventory accuracy
  4. Tools for improving measurements
  5. Tools for diagnosing causes of inventory errors
  6. Use and misuse of classification systems
  7. Options for locating inventory
  8. How to select and establish the appropriate replenishment system for your operations, including consignment inventory, breadman resupply, Kanban replenishment, systems contracts, and online ordering
  9. Managing reject material, excess and obsolete inventories
Who Should Attend

Purchasing, inventory and supply managers who are responsible for inventory accuracy or anyone who handles or is in a position to affect the accuracy of inventory.