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Onsite Seminar

Global Positioning

Business and Legal Considerations in a Global Environment

Conduct business professionally and legally. Understand and appreciate the intricate aspects of international negotiations and increase your knowledge about legal systems, risks, customs, documentation and property law. Leave with a case analysis and forms to use when you return to the office.

Who Should Attend

The session is designed for the global purchasing and supply professionals and those concerned with the acquisition and delivery of goods from global trading partners.

You Will Learn

  • How to conduct business professionally and legally internationally
  • To appreciate and understand the intricate aspects of negotiations
  • To be more knowledgeable about risk and omissions of international legal systems when compared to domestic systems
  • To select the paperwork necessary to secure good and clear customs
  • How VATs and GATs and duties can impact the cost of goods purchased
  • How international property law is viewed in the international marketplace
  • How to use case analysis and forms for use back at the office

Course Outline

  1. Matters affecting contract formation from both domestic and international perspectives; Specific types of exceptions; and Other subjects of concern to the international buyer
  2. Contractors and sub-contractor issues relevant to a global transaction environment
  3. Unique and often 'deal breaking' cultural aspects of global negotiations
  4. International Sale of Goods (CISG) and its application to contracts and transactions
  5. Types of documentation for international transactions and how they relate to the company's orders and transactions
  6. The "gray markets" application of intellectual property laws and regulations
  7. Resolving issues in international disputes and transactions
  8. The application of waivers, exceptions and limitations
  9. Case analysis, outside reading and team activities

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