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Onsite Seminar

Global Positioning

Applying Global Concepts to the International Marketplace

You Will Learn
  • How developing a global strategy will impact a firm's success and ultimately success in supply management
  • How to chart and develop a global relationship management program
  • The major benefits and challenges that face firms in the international marketplace
  • How the CISG works as the controlling form of law
  • To appreciate the significance and contractual clauses in an international agreement
  • How to better understand and apply currency management and reduce currency creep
  • The new Incoterms that are required for global freight movement across borders and their significance
  • How payment terms vary and where risk can egress to the buyer's side of the table
  • How employing a global buying office can offer assistance and support to a buyer's operation

Course Outline
  1. Review and lay the foundation for employing a global supply management initiative
  2. The benefits and risks in any global endeavor; contracts, terms, culture, and political upheavals
  3. The keys to success in developing a supply strategy with a global focus and vision
  4. Appreciating the various types of global payment alternatives used in connection with acquisitions
  5. Understanding the various laws and forums used and how they can both benefit and have a negative impact on the buyer
  6. Understanding the variation and types of global contracts can be employed from inception to termination
  7. Expanding the global buying presence through the installation and employment of global buying offices
  8. Exercises and templates for buying professionals to apply

Who Should Attend

The session is designed for the global purchasing professional, supply managers, senior level buyers, contracting officers, project managers, sourcing professionals and those concerned with the acquisition and delivery of goods from global trading partners.