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Onsite Seminar

Purchasing and Supply Management

Measuring and Improving Purchasing Performance

You Will Learn
  • How to set goals and plan for performance improvement
  • How to set purchasing objectives, strategies, and policies
  • How corporate forecasting and budget cycles work and what purchasing's role is in planning
  • How to improve external performance
  • How to benchmark for improvement
Course Outline
  1. Keys to performance: Planning for performance improvement, setting goals, and methods used in dynamic planning
  2. Moving purchasing focus: Setting objectives and strategies, policies and procedures, and out-of-paper and into purchasing
  3. Internal performance: Information flow, purchasing focus, reviews and motivation, and management assistance
  4. Corporate information cycle and purchasing: Strategic planning, capital forecasting, financial forecasting, operational forecasting, capital and operational budgeting, the results, and purchasing's role in planning
  5. External performance: Value analysis, negotiation, vendor certification, vendor sourcing, vendor relations, and electronic data interchange (EDI)
  6. Benchmarking for performance improvement: Uses, examples, and results of benchmarking information
Who Should Attend

Purchasing and supply managers, buyers, and other professionals wanting to improve internal and/or external purchasing performance and understand purchasing's role in the corporate planning and forecasting cycle.