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Onsite Seminar

Manufacturing and Production

Lean Purchasing for Manufacturing

This program can bring the profitable benefits of Lean to your organization. Learn how to identify, measure and compress cost drivers; reduce lead times and improve supplier quality with new and proven sourcing practices that generate significantly better results. Contribute to making your organization more competitive with a cost-effective process that improves profit margins.

Who Should Attend

Purchasing, supply managers, buyers, and other professionals from manufacturing environments seeking to extend lean practices and strategies to their supply base. Professionals looking to make their business more cost effective and competitive with improved profit margins.

You Will Learn
  • How new purchasing practices can generate significantly better results
  • How to reduce lead times, improve supplier quality, reduce raw materials, inventory, and reduce product costs and resulting prices
  • When outsourcing is appropriate
  • Advanced purchasing strategies and tactics
Course Outline
  1. Elements of lean purchasing and its integration with other functions
  2. New tools: Cost of lead time, Cpk measures and affordable prices
  3. Identifying, measuring and compressing cost drivers in your system
  4. Assessing impact of inventory: Causes, costs, and function
  5. The value of supplier-managed delivery verses supplier-managed inventory
  6. Required quality levels and their costs: Calculating the cost of non-conformance
  7. Process capability versus ISO versus 6-sigma and integrating your quality system into suppliers' future performance
  8. A seven-step supplier quality program with a big financial payback
  9. New financial measures
  10. Lean sourcing strategies including new contract types
  11. Lean MRO, distribution, and services management
  12. Defining your supply chain and critical path suppliers
  13. When to apply outsourcing as a business strategy
  14. New approaches to supplier performance measurements