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Onsite Seminar

General Management & Leadership

Improved Listening and Communication

This seminar, a direct follow-up to the Effective Communication seminar, engages in direct participant involvement through scenario interplay, case analysis, formal oral presentations, and other group activities. The results and benefits of effective communication skills will be reviewed, applied, and critiqued.

You Will Learn
  • How to better comprehend the needs of the other side of the table
  • How to command and assert your rights at the table
  • How to be in focus and in positive control with the other side's support
  • What steps are involved in understanding everybody
Course Outline
  1. Establishing the foundations for effective communications
  2. Applying new methodology to improve your return from any encounter
  3. How to capture the audience's attention and deliver the main issues in two minutes
  4. The art of applying active listening in both work and personal aspects
  5. How to diagnose personal and team weaknesses
  6. Overcoming the fear of the platform
  7. How to make fear an ally instead of an enemy
  8. Organizing for senior level presentations
  9. How to convey and control the body language at the table
  10. How to read the other side of the table
Who Should Attend

Any individual who wants to improve communication and listening skills. This seminar is particularly critical for those wanting to advance up the corporate ladder.