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Onsite Seminar

General Management & Leadership

Effective Time Management

We are a slave to the clock but seldom do we maximize our return on investment for this cost. This seminar will take the guesswork out of wondering how to find more time.

You Will Learn
  • How to appreciate what time really costs
  • How to gain more productive time out of every day
  • How to take better control of the "time waster"
  • How to get enjoyment out of work and personal time since we control the clock
Course Outline
  1. How to think about time and its components
  2. How to make time work for you
  3. Develop an action item list
  4. Conduct effective planning
  5. Learn how to watch for time drains
  6. Avoid time wasters such as meetings
  7. Exercise delegation to expand the hours
  8. Improve dialog to get the job successfully completed the first time
  9. Being effective on the telephone
  10. Forcing the NO word for nonessential activities
  11. Re-focus on a revised agenda where saving time is a priority
Who Should Attend

Any individual, from the president and board of directors of an organization to the newest and most entry level person, who wants to have more productive and enjoyable time of his own.